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I made an account here because no one I know has the answers I need. I hope someone here can give me direction. Thank you.

I am a passionate Catholic and worshipper of Christ and our Blessed Mother and I have a special devotion to the saints. I have relied on their intercession through some rough points and I like the idea that they are close to me. So far, I have purchased four first class relics on Ebay. Right now they are featured in a combo picture frame (this one) with each relic having its own space. I had to adjust the back but it works for now.

The thing is that I am hoping to collect at least 12 and want to know if there is some sort of home shrine that is available to eventually house all of the relics. I would be interested in buying one that is consecrated for this use, or possibly making one and having Monsignor bless it.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

Not to de-rail your thread, but how do you know (in advance) that relics on eBay are real?

I would dearly love to get a 1st class relic of St Francis or Padre Pio.

Again, my apologies for the slight de-rail:o

They come with certificates of authenticity, usually, and the sellers have excellent feedback.

If you have the money, you can own this.

$780? :frowning:

I’m hoping to become a saint. I’ll sell you some of my hair in advance for half that price!


I always get a bit edgy about “buying” relics. Especially as that is forbidden by Canon Law. Not to mention, I hate the sound of buying relics on Ebay - seems sketchy. The only solace I could take in it if its a real relic, I would rather it in the hands of a true Catholic who will venerate it, than some heathen who may desecrate it or put it to profane use. Shame on those who attempt to auction them off. Those saints who are being auctioned off are rolling in their holy sepulchres, I’m sure.

But kudos to you for rescuing them! I would say building one yourself would be the best. I have a “home altar” myself, though with no relics yet, I use it to do my prayers and I’m currently in the process of making myself a kneeler.

Good luck to you, to whatever you decide to do! :thumbsup:

~ Pius :knight1:

Buying & selling relics, and even any other blessed object, is a grave sin called Simony. Once an object is blessed it has no human owner save Christ, so we merely have use of it. If you want holy relics I recommend that you go to the shrines of saints and ask. I wouldn’t worry about first class second class etc, as the fact is that the saint is always with a relic whatever the class. Furthermore, by seeking the more rare first class relics, you train yourself to think of it as a worldly treasure for its rarity rather than a spiritual treasure for its sanctity. A sanctity which is present whichever class it may be. Finally don’t be scrupulous about what you have bought in ignorance of this, you must be aware for it to be a mortal sin.

Hope this helps.
In Christ,

I just followed your Link and it claims to be sold by the church, so therefore we already know it to be fraudulent at least on that level. I wouldn’t trust the authenticity of the actual piece either, as it is high value, easy to fake, and there is one born every minute. I guess its no wonder this type of stuff is still going on.:frowning:

As a follow up, Canon 1190 says “It is absolutely forbidden to sell sacred relics”. I tried to find it for my last post but couldn’t. I just found it.

You “worship” the Virgin Mary? It’s more than okay to pray to her, but not to worship her. That would be of grave matter.

I think that was more of a grammatical error than a declaration of Idolatry.

Well, I am shocked. I don’t see why it would be wrong to have holy relics at my house as long as I treat them well. After all I am a Christ-loving Catholic and I take great pride in my collection and it hangs in my shop with great reverence. Plus, I am maybe saving them from occultists who would harm them or invoke their powers for evil.

I am not sure what I should do because right now I am in a bidding war over a relic and I really want it for my frame and eventual shrine : (

On another note, someone mentioned a home altar which I already have and am working to improve. Right now it has icons of my Patron Saints, a statue of Mary the Blessed Mother, a rosary, a photograph of The Pope, a Crucifix, a New Testament, holy water from Lourdes, an image of the Shroud of Turin, and a Monstrance. I was thinking of hanging the finished shrine/reliquary above my home altar.

Sorry about my last flippant post. I actually have several second class relics, which I acquired from those promoting the cause for canonization for each particular saint, or saint-to-be (God willing).

Here is a good website about this topic:

Check out “rubrics”

A dear friend of a dear friend is sending me a 2nd class relic of Padre Pio that she got in San Giovanni Rotondo.
So very kind of her. I am soooo jazzed.:thumbsup:

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