Do any members here have any relics?


I have no first class relics but my most prized possession is a piece of one of the white cassocks of John Paul II. This is considered a second class relic.
I have many third class relics that are placed all over the house.

You know I am wondering about the papal blessing parchment we recieved on the occassion of our marriage. It was blessed by John Paul II. Would that be considered a relic??


I have a John Paul II relic to.


I have a relic of the True Cross.


I have a 1st class relic of St. John Neumann I have it in a reliquarium in my home with a light
illuminating it 24 hours a day.


I have a third class relic of Sister Faustina. I touched my scapular and Joan of Arc medal to a piece of her bone.



A second-class relic is something the saint used or touched during his lifetime, so this would include your blessing certificate, I think.


Can you post a picture please?


this is what I was taught.
A 1st class relic is a piece of the saints bone.
A 2nd class relic is a piece of the saints clothing or belongs.
A 3rd class relic is something that is touched to either of the top 2 things.


Sure, the reliquary has an unusual shape, as it was originally placed in a reredos at an now closed parish in the Netherlands.

As a Christmas present, my wife made the wooden reliquary holder and we now have it mounted in our living room.

The relic itself are two small slivers tied in a cross form. It is encased in a german silver reliquary with gold thread embrodery,

We say our family prayers each evening facing it.


Thats so cool!


How did you get the relic?


I would say “yeah, my old lady” but that would get me in trouble…



I received my 1st class relic of St. John Neumann from my Pastor with the
Document of Authentification from Rome on the day that St. John Nueman was proclaimed a Saint
My Pastor and parish has tremendous devotion to St. John Neumann. St. John Neumann answered my prayers and sent me a “sign” when I was discerning whether to apply for the Diaconate or not. He was the 4th Bishop of Philadelphia and established the Catholic school system there as well as “40 Hours Devotions to the Blessed Sacrament” there.


My story is somewhat similar.

I was in the Diaconate program for 3 years (until kids #'4 and #5 came along :slight_smile: ).

While I was in the program, I investigated getting a more formal ‘old style’ dalmatic. I found a parish in the Netherlands that was disposing of a lot of what they called ‘pre-Vatican II’ materials. No dalmatics, they did have the relic available.

So I wrote the priest, told him that I was a diaconal canidate and he sent me the relic.

It doesn’t have the certificate of authenticity, as it was effectively installed in their altar (hench the really unique shape of the reliquary). Since it was there for 150-ish years, no one really knew where the paperwork was.

So it can’t be used for liturgical veneration.

The relic is sealed, however, and the seal is that of Cardinal Louis de Bonald of Lyon ( 1839-1870)

I suppose that it’s a sad state of affairs when a parish would consider such a thing to be unimportant to their spiritual life, but it has really enhanced our family’s spritual wellbeing :slight_smile:

Not only because our Salvation once hung upon that very wood, but also the countless Masses said by priests looking directly at it.


I have a first class relic of St. Gemma Galgani.

I would like a relic of the Little Flower, but I don’t know who to write in order to obtain one.


I have a 2nd class relic of Pope John Paul II, a 2nd class relic of St Therese of Lisieux, a 2nd class relic of St Bernadette and a 3rd class relic of St Faustina.


I recently recived a 2nd class relic of the Little Flower, if I can find the address I used I will pn it to you.


I have 1st class Relics of :

St. John Of the Cross
St. John Neumann
St. Paul of the Cross
St. Sylvester
St. Norbert
St. Pius V
Blesses Antonio Rosmini

and 2nd class Relics of:

St. Phillip Neri
St. John Berchmans
Blessed Titus Brandsma, Martyr
Blessed Columbo Marmion.

All are sealed and accompanied by documents.


How did you come to obtain all of these relics?

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