What is in this medal? It says a relic but I doubt it… So what could it be?

Found this on line at a Catholic goods store:

“Inexpensive Padre Pio relic medal-RELIC MEDALS THIRD CLASS-White cloth touched to a First Class relic or Shrine or place of vision of Saint. Imported from Italy.”

Looks identical.

Oh! So it was touched to a first class relic, I get it now. Thanks!

What they state is wrong though. A third class relic is when an item has touched a first class relic. Touching a Shrine or place of Vision of Saint does NOT make the item a third class relic.

Then everyone has to remember that selling relics (no matter what class) is forbidden by the Church.

Canon Law:

Can. 1190 §1 It is absolutely wrong to sell sacred relics.

All sorts of Catholic bookstores and gift shops sell these 3rd class relic medals. The medals sells for cost of production and shipment which is okay.

Why are people so naive or do they deliberately close their eyes?
Whether we are told the price only covers the cost of production/shipping, or that the price is for a reliquary but the relic inside is free, or relics are given free but a donation is required it is all nonsense.
When money changes hands and a relic is involved then a sale has taken place no matter how it is dressed up.

thistle… some postulators ask for donations but not forcefully. i requested many relics from some postulators… for me giving some donations to help their mission spreading the devotion to the saints is ok

but i disagree ebay x.x its simony

But it is not wrong to ask for money to compensate for the housing of the relic, ie. silver metals, gold metals, etc.

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