I need some help:
who is that saint martyr? In the relicbox is text: s. resticuca m.

If I understand your question, I must say I’ve never heard of St Resticuca, and I’m really into saints. But please remember, Catholics and Orthodox have different official lists (canons) of saints, with some overlap.

There must be websites that can help you.

North African martyr, Diocletian era. The name is Restituta - handwriting can be difficult to read at times!

Thank you all.

I find something…I think that it can be north African saint Restituta (Rusticus of Verona) or then Rusticus of Sirmium (9.8.) or Rusticus of Ostia (30.1.)

This name is in the catholic relicbox (from 1837). All saints inside the relicuary are cath. and orth. saints except one: saint Fidelis, capusinmonk and martyr (1622).

Some self corrections:
It cannot be st. martyr Rusticus (male) - I found some different forms about him (martyr Resticus/Rusticus) and that was “my source of incorrectness” :slight_smile:

So, this holy martyr is saint Virgin Martyr Restituta (17.5.), North Africa,
or saint Virgin Martyr Restituta of Sora (27.5.), Rome

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