Relics in Your Parish (POLL)

  • Relics in my parish are visible and venerated regularly in liturgies.
  • My parish has some visible relics but they’re seldom venerated.
  • I’ve never seen a relic in my church, nor have I venerated one.
  • Other (comment below)

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We have had relics brought in for Lenten Missions and other occasions but we don’t have any relics that I know of here full time.

I hope you have some in your Altar !


We have an entire relics chapel, and the relics for specific feast days are regularly displayed and highlighted in the weekly bulletin.


My parish has several first-class relics of important saints, but they are generally kept in the sacristy. It would be nice to have them on display though.

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My Parish has a large collection of relics, but we currently do not have a permanent place for them to be on display. But we are considering a way to securely make them avalible for display.

So one or twice a year, they are brought out for veneration.

NOTE: there is one Parish close by to me that has their relics on display, but I fear they are not really in a secure enough location, as they are in the narthex, which is only seperated by glass doors and a thinnly glass cabinet.

God Bless

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We have some relics, but they are kept in a cabinet in the sacristy. I’ve never seen them out for display, though I have seen them when the door of the cabinet was open.

I actually know we have a relic and where it is but it’s not visible, not viewable by parishioners unless they specifically ask and never venerated.

It is my understanding every altar in a Catholic Church contains a relic within it. This is what the priest told us when we came into the church.

Relics and devotional practices are highly emphasized at our parish… too much so … as private devotionals are now being blended into the Mass!! We hear virtually everyday about a new statue or devotion that is being brought to the Church, but seldom if ever do we hear from our pastor about our obligations to the corporal works of mercy… we only getting half of what we need at our parish.

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A parish where the pastoral team are all passionists I attend frequently has relics of St Charles of Mount Argus there which are venerated every Saturday after the Novena to St Charles mass

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Yes definitely but I was talking about outside ones brought in for short periods.

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Be the change you want to see in your parish!

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Before I started attending, the major relics of St. Maria Goretti came to our parish! Otherwise, no relics on display.

This used to be true but is no longer the case in some places. The majority do - but there are exceptions. Most altar relics I’ve ever been familiar with are not visible.

My particular parishes do not have visible relics for the most part. The older ones may have one built into the altar - or may not, as the altars were often renovated around the time of Vatican II - but either way the relic is not visible.

There is one parish I visit regularly that offers a relic of St. Catherine Laboure for veneration, and several shrines that have relics on display for veneration, or even the saint’s entire tomb on display.

Additionally, the “relic tours” sometimes come through the areas where I am and stop at a local church.

There are some relics in the adoration chapel. I know both St. Francis of Assisi and St. Padre Pio are represented. I forget the other one.

I’ve never seen anyone venerate them. I think people are more focused on everything else in the chapel and probably forget about the rather small relic display.

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My parish doesn’t have any relics that I know of. But a few years before I joined, they had displayed the relics of St Gianna.

They may not realize those are relics, or what to do with them.
I know a LOT of people would fall over themselves to venerate a Padre Pio relic.


None, as far as I know, at either of the parishes I attend.

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