Relics in Your Parish (POLL)

I’m not sure if my parish has any. The altar is like a table (not permanent?) and so I know there isn’t one there.

There may well be one there- if you ever get to look under the cloth, see if there’s a big stone square

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Ours are in the antimension on the Altar.


If your parish is in the Byzantine Tradition, relics are sewn into the antimension on the altar. Our altar is like a table but the tabernacle is in the center and the priest offers the Liturgy facing East (ad orientem).

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The relics are labelled, so I’d imagine most know what they are, especially since the layout of the chapel means that plenty of people have probably taken a little time to read the plaque above them.

I think the issue is that they are very small. They aren’t large relics, just tiny fragments in a small, wall-mounted display. People probably forget that they’re there.

If it’s wall-mounted so people can’t pick them up and touch them, then it makes sense that people don’t take much notice.

We have 2 relics at our church which are rarely displayed nor venerated. Maybe once a year if that.

We have two of three full skeletal remains of Saints available for viewing in the world at our Parish. They were martyred in the Colosseum in the 3rd or 4th century.

Reinterment Mass in 2012

“We can talk about the martyrs of the Colosseum, but the relics of St. Magnus and St. Bonosa put you literally face-to-face with Catholics who were there and paid the ultimate price for their faith,” he said. “It’s very powerful.”
Fr. Paul Beach
Pastor St Martin of Tours Louisville Kentucky

At the 3:20 mark of the video you we’ll see an elderly white haired priest kneeling.

That is Fr. Charles Schoenbaechler RIP

He prayed the EF Mass at Saint Martin of Tours many years until his health kept him from doing so. He was in his 90s when he passed away.


Our local Dominican parish has loads of relics that are brought out throughout the year during liturgies appropriate to their veneration. The life size cross used on Good Friday for the Adoration of the Cross has in its center (allegedly) a relic of the True Cross. The church also serves as a shrine to St. Jude Thaddeus, so every day after the 5:30 PM Mass the priests bless individuals with his relics.

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Father has a relic of the True Cross. Additionally, Brother’s family has one of only two known remaining relics of the True Cross with an imperial seal (as opposed to the vatican’s . . .). Both come out several times a year on appropriate Sunday’s.


p.s. The bit about excessive relics of the Cross is nonsense. They have been tracked for many centuries; something like a third (or two thirds) of the beam is missing.



A relic - whatever the official description of one is -
is a huge thing !
Pastor - a few years ago - had a tiny bone fragment - of Saint Francis of Assisi -
It was in a glass enclosed, regal looking, frame - set up.
Pastor also has a Saint Theresa relic -
and he healed someone in a hospital with it.
Another huge deal - the healed person smelt roses in the air too -
but…Pastor only brings them out, it seems, at special times.

There aren’t any relics in my parish but there’s a first-class relic in a parish about ten miles from where I live.

My church doesn’t have any visible relics, but we’re a very small, poor, rural parish.

When I was a student, our church had shrine status and venerated a relic of the True Cross, which was a piece taken from the relic at the Basilica Church of Santa Croce in Jerusalem.

It’s visible and on display year-round, but gets brought out of its secure location periodically, for things like Good Friday, when we venerate it, rather than a crucifix.

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We have first class relics of St. Faustina, St. Sebastian (early martyr), and St. Gianna Molla. They are each located in different side niches and people are free to venerate them before or after Mass. At my previous parish I never saw a single relic, so I am especially appreciative of these opportunities.

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We had a Priest who was a good friend of our Priest and attended Seminary with him come and give our last Mission. He had been ordained by St. Pope John Paul II so he joked that he himself was a third class relic. He brought with him to our Mission, a lock of St. John Paul’s hair and another relic which for the life of me I can’t remember right now.

We have a few Polish nuns who help in our parish school, and we have a lock of JP2’s hair because of their connections. Then we also have St. Catharine of Siena (our patroness) and St. Maria Goretti

I just left our Dominican parish where they were oddly enough anticipating the Feast of St. Dominic. The pastor just acquired a relic of St. Dominic’s ulna after a pilgrimage to his resting place in Bologna. Everyone was individually blessed. Now the parish is home to both a relic of an Apostle and of the order’s founder. :slight_smile:

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I have several first class relics in my home. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Bernadette Soubirous, St. Maria Goretti, True Cross.

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You have the physical remains of four saints in your home? I thought private individuals weren’t really supposed to have those, and they were reserved for churches and shrines and orders to have.

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