Relics: True Cross


I’ve heard about the famous relics of the True Cross…that was brought by St. Helen was it? Anyway, how did she - or I should say, we - know that it’s REALLY is from the True Cross?

[quote=]As the story goes, during the building of a church on Golgotha (where Constantine did build a church sometime before 337), the three crosses were discovered. Since the crosses looked alike, Helena touched a dead man with each of the three crosses in turn, and when Christ?s cross touched him, he was restored to life. This is why the cross is often called the True Cross. Helena divided the cross into three parts and took one to Rome, one to Constantinople, and left one in Jerusalem.

Hey, I have heard that story as well, but I heard a woman was sick who was laid on the crosses. I am not sure how they would have used a dead person. :hmmm: Thanks and God Bless.

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