I am looking for a good book/source on relics. As all of you know, the Church believes it has found the remains of St. Peter beneath the great basilica in Rome. I am familiar with material on this matter, but I am looking for a good general source on other MAJOR relics, their history and exactly how we trace their origins. Specifically, Veronica’ vale, St. Longinis’s spear point, as well as other major catholic relics. Is there a good source?




There is a book by Joan Cruz called Relics that describes where certain relics are located. Usually, famous churches (like St. Peter’s, Notre Dame, etc.) have got the really famous relics. St. Peter’s, for example, has the actual cross that was used to crucify Jesus (I think part of it is in the cross on top of the obelisk). I also heard that Notre Dame in France has the veil worn by the virgin Mary as well as the nails that were used to crucify Jesus. Well, good luck searching for the relics!

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