It appears that a number of both Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches have relics of saints
and other items ( splinters of the True Cross et al./Shroud of Turin)

Does either denomination have a commission that decides if the identity of the relic is real or valid -history regarding the validity of relics has been muddled -does either Church say "this is a real relic -say a bone of St. James)

It seems to be a holdover from the early Church or the Middle ages

While as Baha’is we do not venerate relics we do have items from our history that are on display for pilgrims to the Holy Land… such things as the hair of Baha’u’llah or the sword of Mulla Husayn a stalwart disciple of the Bab… The pen case of Baha’u’llah and such things. I know the dust from Shaykh Tabarsi is shared by some of us . The early followers of the Bab defended themselves for months against the soldiers of the Shah at the Shrine of Shaykh Tabarsi which was fortified…so the dust is believed to have blood from the martyred followers of the Bab.

The Catholic Church, IMS, does not pronounce on relics of uncertain provenance (ie those from countless centuries ago).

But it, after all, has numerous relics of very certain provenance, ie, those associated with bodies of the saints in modern times. These would be carefully guarded by the Church.


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