Is it ok in the Catholic Religion for an individual to have a relic of a venerated saint (piece of bone ) :confused:


Yes, as long as it is not an object of worship.Venerate it for what it is, a piece of someone who was Holy because of their love for God
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It is ok to possess sacred relics but… It is absolutely wrong to sell sacred relics. (, Canon 1190 §1Code of Canon Law)
Buying or selling sacred things is the sin of simony, named after Simon the magician who offered money to the Apostles for the power to confer the Holy Spirit. (Acts 8:18-24)


I have a first-class relic of Blessed Francis Seelos.

I have also bought on ebay, 3 authentic AGNUS DEI wax disks.
The reason I bought them was, not to engage in simony, but to venerate them and to keep them from being sold for even higher and higher prices to people who are merely buying them as valuables and curiosities. I hope I didn’t do the wrong thing, I meant to obtain them to honor God.


To clarify, there are actually three classes of relics.

A first-class relic would be the corpse of a saint or any part of it. The relic the OP listed would be an example.

A second-class relic would include any object intimately connected with a Saint or Our Lord.

A third-class relic would be anything that is known to have been touched to a Saint’s body.


First Class Relics also include any piece of the True Cross, any sliver of metal from the nails and spear and any other item that was used to shed the Blood of the Lord.



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