Relighting Baptismal Candle

I had a friend who was baptised at the Easter Vigil this year as an adult. He asked me if there are any traditions about occasions on which you relight your baptismal candle. I haven’t heard of any, so I thought I’d throw the question on here for feed back.


Mine wasn’t lit in the first place.

I kept it and one day my dog chewed it up.

When my mom baptized a girl last year she kept the candle for a year and prayed for her for that year with the candle at the one year anniversary she had the girl over for dinner and gave her the candle.

We lit our daughter’s candles every year on the anniversary of their Baptisms…they eventually burned too small. But was a good reason for more “cake”, LOL.
Seriously though, it was lovely, and we told the Baptism stories every year.

When one is dying for one…

Yes, there is a tradition of using one’s baptismal candle for sick calls/Last Rites when the priest comes with the Blessed Sacrament.

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