Religion and being single

I never married as the result of social anxiety disorder. If I were to join the Catholic Church would they try to pressure me to adopt a religious vocation, or get married? At this point I have no interest in doing either.
Thank you for your time

I can’t promise you that some ignorant and meddling yahoo won’t ever do this (but certainly not your priest), but there is nothing in Catholic doctrine or social teaching that expects anyone to adopt either a married or religious vocation. Some are called to these vocations, but nobody is expected to do either, and that’s perfectly OK.

There are LOTS of never-married Catholics who are not nuns or monks. I really doubt anyone would think twice about it (or even once).

People are just people–someone may try to fix you up with a date when they realize you’re single or encourage you to have a vocation–but so might your grandmother or someone in a protestant church. The Catholic church’s teachings are very respectful and acknowledge that not everyone is called to marry or have a vocation either one. Some people are called simply to live a good life alone. One choice is not somehow better than others–and the worst choice is always to enter any vocation that you aren’t called to.:thumbsup:

I think the Catholic teaching is that everyone has a vocation; for some, it is to remain single.

Now of the clergy will and no Catholic will constantly push it on you. However some ignorant person may.

There can be those ‘spiteful people’, with whom it will not matter what path you want to lead - they will try to take it from you or make it as difficult as possible for you to achieve. There can also be a lack of appreciation for single people in society: its like there is the attitude that if you aren’t married or trying to be, then what’s the point of you.

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