religion causes war

How do I respond to secularists/atheists who say "How many wars would have never have been if it weren’t for the sake of religion?’

it’s true, many wars have occured in the name of religion… but… but what???:confused:
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Have them read this:

The Irrational Atheist
which thoroughly debunks this and more.

will do. THANK YOU!

Ask the question, if people were not restrained by the morality of religion(s), isn’t it possible that there would be more war(s) than if religion didn’t exist?

Wars are never about religion. Religion may be the excuse, but it’s never really about the religion.

Wars are about trade and about power; who has it, who doesn’t, and who wants it. Wars are about land; who has it, who doesn’t, and who wants it.

Religion? In every single war I have looked at in history that ‘seems’ to have been about religion, the religion had to be twisted in such a way as to allow/justify it, so that the powers that be can get what they are truly after; land, trade, gold…power.

It generally goes something like this:

King (or dictator or even a religious leader…) Oh, lookee there…those guys are living on land that we need, or those guys are living better than we are, or those guys have more money than we do, or those guys are trying to take what WE have. I don’t think God wants that, so…let’s fix it.

The problem is, if there were no religion, those wars would still have been waged; they would simply have found another excuse.

In the main, though, religion I think has stopped more wars than it has started, because mankind, mostly, has found it’s moral center through religion.

There are, of course exceptions, but not all that many.

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