Religion differences


Ok, I can see a lot of us will never agree with what others believe.
We even get very heated to get our points across.
There is even thread after thread about differences in religion and a lot of it is just rehashed stuff brought up again.
The point I guess im trying to make is, we are never going to agree with the differences, so why persist on trying to get others to see your religions point of view?
For example, what i believe, the catholic religion, is right (yes this is my opinion), i believe Jesus died on the cross and gave his life for us. But, and for example, others on here continue to insist Jesus lived and died in India. Im never going to believe that, its continually brought up again and again and again.
Do you think continuing putting your views across will actually get another person to leave their religion to join yours?
And no, this is not aimed at only Paarsurrey, there are plenty of others that do it as well…


I’d never thought that it was the point really. More a question of:

“You can’t possibly believe that!”

“Yes, we do and here’s why . . . !”

from all sides but with somewhat more subtlety - admittedly avoidance of repetitious behavior/argument in so doing has a lot to recommend it.


Myself, I do not aim my arguments so much at changing another’s firm formed ideas and beliefs (though I get lost in passionate arguments and debates which may seem that way) as to presenting ideas and arguments to the ones sitting on the sideline straddling the fence, the ones that have not made up thier minds and not even participating in the debates and discussions of the threads. The ones that are reading the threads and are truly searching for truth. I attempt to present the truth as I currently understand it and do it with Charity, though I fail big time in the area of Charity way too often. But repetition is re-enforcement. It is the Holy Spirit(which is where all the power of truth rest), that changes minds and enlighten others, not in my finite, weak and poorly formed presentations.:shrug:


Hold on gang,

Remember the one most important thing that we as Christian and most especially Catholic, it is our responsibility to put forth the truths of the Faith passed on to us from Christ to the Apostles to the Early Church on so on. If we do not do this then we are remise in our responsibility. That does not mean we allow this to become heated nor take offense we must correct in a most patient and loving manner. Remember we can only plant the seed then maybe they will come back to us for water and sunlight, if not then you may not be able to change them. Do not take it personally just pray for them.

Christ Our Lord, bless our efforts and helps to be steadfast, patient and loving.

Preach the Gospel and when necessary use words.



What matters are the end results. If the religion help make people better then thats all that matters.

In this way Catholics are just as good people as Protestants. And nowadays Christians in general are just as good people as Buddhists.

The only people that raises my eyebrows are the muslims and hindus.



It does not matter whether or not you are a good person and it is not the position of the Church that Catholics are better than other Christian faiths it is that Catholics have the fullness of the Christian Faith because we have the Sacraments and all the beauty that goes with it. Now regarding those who are not baptized in the proper form and or do not believe in Jesus Christ the second person of the Holy Trinity who came down from Heaven humbled himself by taking human form and died upon the cross for the forgiveness of sin then it does not matter how good a person they are they will enter the kingdom of heaven.

Your Brother in Christ Jesus


beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. to each his own.

but the fact is, your ‘truth’ isnt anymore credible than their ‘truth’. its all a matter of faith and assumption.

any truth is welcome so long as it plays an effective role in helping the survival and progression of the human specie.


Because it is a matter of eternal salvation and therefore it is love that compels us to keep sharing the truth :slight_smile:

As St. Pius X said, “Who will prevent us from hoping that the flame of Christian charity may dispel the darkness from their minds and bring to them light and the peace of God? It may be that the fruit of our labors may be slow in coming, but charity wearies not with waiting, knowing that God prepares His rewards not for the results of toil but for the good will shown in it.”




That is not my truth but the the Truth given to us by Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is God and the Creator of all of us and He wants us all to be in Heaven with Him but only if we want to be with Him and in order for that to happen we have to believe in Him and all that He has taught us through His Apostles and the Sacred Scripture and The visible Church that he established for our sake and our salvation.

I will pray that you will soon see the Truth that Christ has left and that you will embrace that truth and all that it teaches.

Your brother in Christ Jesus



And why is that a truth? I’ll know ecologists who openly denounce the human species as a parasite on the ecosystem.

The abolitionists, suffragettes, civil righters were all denounced in their day as religious extremists. Hurray for the (right) extremism!!!

I remember aruguing with a atheist friend of mine (truthful, she worked for planned parenthood and admitted openly the racist eugenic origins of that organization, though she didn’t subscribe to them) that it is not a question of a moral atheist. Such things do exist. But the problem of said atheist to make a logically consistent argument why he prefers mother teresa over Stalin.


Btw on these threads I have found beliefs of the Lutherans that I didn’t know when I was one of them. Not that it makes second guess my move to Orthodoxy (anything but) but it’s nice to know, and I mean that in a positive sense.


Jesus, Buddha, Joseph Smith, …whatever! :rolleyes:


do you know how to distinguish truths from facts? all facts are truths but not all truths are facts. so what are they?

I am not an atheist. And why are you comparing your best with their worst? There are a number of good atheists and a number of bad catholic leaders.

Besides, if you havent heard lately, Mother Theresa had been an atheist for a long period of time while the whole world saw her as a saint.


Ok, Agnos

If I am reading this correctly you are putting two non-christian human beings on the same level as God?:eek:

I would like to know if you do not mind sharing, but what faith are you?:confused:

Also, I do not remember ever hearing that if someone has crisis of faith or is being directly attacked by Satan that that makes them an atheist. We are all human some of us do have crises of faith but if we turn to Christ and place those burdens at his feet he will take them away and that is exactly what Mother Theresa did.
Also so the wonderful Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Therese and the most human of them all Saint Peter who denied Our Lord not once, not twice but three times and yet Jesus forgave him and told him to feed his sheep and made him the head of His Church.

Yours in Christ through our Mother Mary



Jesus, Buddha & Joseph Smith all share some things in common. For one, all 3 are historical people surrounded in myth.

I am bit a simple believer in the Divine. I dont believe in any religion.


Truths that aren’t facts. No I don’t know what THEY are.

I am not an atheist. And why are you comparing your best with their worst? There are a number of good atheists and a number of bad catholic leaders.

Didn’t say you were. But my friend was. The Catholic (btw I’m not Latin) I can call them on the carpet with their own authorities. The problem is the atheist can’t do the same with their worst, which was my point.

Besides, if you havent heard lately, Mother Theresa had been an atheist for a long period of time while the whole world saw her as a saint.

If you are are refering to her doubts, that does not an atheirst make. And I’m not worried of where she came from, but how she ended up.:angel1:


Except one claimed He was God and the other two didn’t (I’ll lay aside the “a god” stuff of one of them for now). So either He was, or He was insant.

I am bit a simple believer in the Divine. I dont believe in any religion.

So you create the Divine in your own image?


You believe in the Divine, I am not quite sure what that is. Maybe you can explain it in detail so the rest of us can understand what that is.

So by reading your posts and replies you are what most would consider to a an Agnostic but leaning toward atheism hence your handle AgnosTheist.

Let me ask you this. Are you willing to gamble on your immortal soul going to Hell while the Devil laughs at you and all the others saying see I fooled you all and now you are mine for eternity and then you look up and Jesus is looking down with tears in eyes weeping for you and the rest in Hell. Satan’s biggest lie is the fact that he has convinced so many like you that not only does God not exist but that he does not exist either and therefore it is ok to do whatever makes you happy as long as you do not hurt anyone else in the process.

I really feel sorry for you and I will say a prayer for you and I hope that you will someday see the Light of Christ.

Yours in the Love of Christ


Neither. Its his followers that created all sorts of myths around him. Mankind tend to build myths around the people they adore.

I like to imagine the divine as having human qualities. But Im really agnostic about the whole thing. That is why I am an Agnostic Theist.


The only hell & devils that I believe are those religious people who wants to control everybody and make hell on earth based in bigotry & intolerance.

I am not really gambling anything. These times are the best time to come out and be proud of not associating with any religion.

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