Religion in Video Games

Hi…I know video games are so engaging because they’re colorful, easy to get into, hard to lose at, gives a sense of accomplishment often, somewhat predictable, and clear-cut. Quite unlike real life.Is religion the same way?

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It depends on each game. Look at a game like bioshock, many people may say that is anti-religion. I got just the opposite from it when I played and I have played it many times, I found that the many cause of the fall the city, the biggest was the loss of God. There are many religious references in the game, but because people where not following the church any more they began modifying their bodies and it just recked the whole city. Greed and pride where the downfall because they thought that could create what ever they wanted. Red Dead Redemption could be seen as for the Church because anyone that you meet from the church seem shown in a good light. Also in the Resistance series seems to show faith in God as a good thing which is really strong in the third one.

Agreed. The opening scene even establishes that the villain, Andrew Ryan, despises the pope.

The two things I will say in his defense is that I like the idea of his city that it depends on the people not the government for things. Also, he does make a point of it is good to have free will.

I recently bought Red Dead, and found it immediately anti-church. In the very first train ride movie like 2 minutes into the game, the hero overhears some bigoted, dumb minister telling a girl that people who don’t go to heaven from not getting communion are savages. And he also tells her that he will tell her what’s right and wrong when she doesn’t know, and it came across as very arrogant, particularly when followed up by the rude “savage” comment.

Anyone play Red Dead can tell me what the pro-church parts are??

In addition later in the game you can see boxes of confiscated or hidden bibles and crucifixes, which only goes to show of the real longing for God, even in a place like that.

Both those characters pop up again, the minister is established to be a con man who is not actually a minister at all and the girl is shown to have a genuinely strong and noble faith. Although the way she dies raise questions of it’s own.

He however elevates the concept of free will to an idol and ultimately his understanding of the concept renders all the inhabitants of the city greater slaves than ever.

Anyone play this game for NES? I did when I was 10 or so…

I’ve heard of it and it’s been mentioned on the forum several times. It’s usually mentioned high on the list of worst games ever on various websites.

Can the fact that my eyes nearly burned just from looking at its picture count as an additional indicator?

That ain’t nothing compared to the ‘gameplay’. Watch Noah picking up pigs etc. above his head and throwing things at them to stun them. Or David flinging sheep about…

True, but as I said in one of my posts there downfall comes from the loss of God.

Forgive me if I geek out.

Arguably, the Daedra represent something more akin to the Asuras in Hinduism (or the Devas in Zoroastrianism); one of the big splits within the Aldmer race was that one sect, who became Altmer, worshiped the Aedra, while another, the Chimer, worshiped the Daedra.

And then the Chimer leaders betrayed Indoril Nerevar and set themselves up as gods, the Tribunal. Since they broke an oath in doing it, they were cursed by the Daedric Prince Azura (god/dess of oaths, among other things); their skin turned gray and their eyes turned red, and the Chimer became the Dunmer.

As for who would be the “pagans” of the Elder Scrolls setting, humans, other than the Cyrodiilic ones. The Nords worship Shor, who the elves revile as Lorkhan, a traitor to the Aedra who tricked the other gods into making the world (and weakened them—the elves believe they themselves were gods, until Lorkhan did that). The chief deity of the Cyrodiilic pantheon is Akatosh, who’s also the elf god Auri-El, and he hates Shor (he even took over one of Shor’s divine champions, Pelinal Whitestrake, during the Alessian Crusade). The reason Cyrodiilic humans worship the elven pantheon, incidentally, isn’t because they were enslaved by elves, but because the elves they were enslaved by, the Ayleids, were Daedra worshipers; Alessia made a covenant with Akatosh to get the aid of the Aedra (Eight Divines, Talos not having been born yet, and Trinimac having been turned into Malacath) against the Ayleids’ Daedra.

In the latest game, the Thalmor political party that’s taken over the high elves and wood elves has forced the human empire to stop worshiping Talos (a human) as one of the gods, although I personally think that, given Talos often used a guy called Wulfharth Ash-King as a body-double and Wulfharth was an avatar of Shor/Lorkhan, Talos being rejected from the pantheon just recapitulates the expulsion of Lorkhan by the rest of the Divines. If, that is, Talos/Wulfharth was not himself in some way Lorkhan—possibly using Akatosh’s blessing of the Dragon Blood (Wulfharth and Talos were both Dragonborn, like your character in Skyrim) to regain his Aedric nature.

What’s really scary is, I’ve barely scratched the surface of that setting. There’s also the whole Anu/Padomay dychotomy, the Ehlnofey and the shattering of Nirn, the Psijic monks of the elves, who and what the Hist are…those games were written by people whose geekiness I find impressive.

As to the negativity/positivity of religion in Elder Scrolls, the religion is portrayed fairly balancedly—it’s something more like Japan or China than the West, although the Greybeard monks in Skyrim are too much like Christian monasticism (though, then again, Hindu hermits have a similar approach to the gods). Also, the setting’s only systematically atheist culture, the Dwemer or dwarves (though they’re the same size as humans, and actually a race of elves), are worse than the very cruelest of the other races. Not only did they make themselves extinct (probably) by trying to create their own god, but they also blinded and enslaved a race of refugees, the Falmer, who later became something like the Morlocks from Time Machine.

On the plus side, the main theme song to Civilization 4 is a track called Baba Yetu.

It is the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili :thumbsup:

Official Civ 4 Video

A kids choir in Tanzania

Dude…that was impressive. But can you expound a bit more on the section regarding your theory of Talos that I have highlighted in bold. You might be on to something there.

Ugh, it’s even worse with sound (I couldn’t even bear to watch this the first time in the office pantry’s soundless computer). >_>;;

Honestly, I’d sooner play games like Alice: Madness Returns or even that upcoming zombie game Lollipop Chainsaw. (Regarding the latter, I actually though their first trailer was almost as retarded… until they released the second featuring the Bosses of Zombie Rock. :hypno:)

I love Angry Video Game Nerd’s bible games videos(he also reviewed pretty much all of Wisdom Tree’s other games too, including the infamous “Super Noah’s Ark”)… Great Comedy… maybe for the “South Park” generations, but none the less great comedy.

Does he get anti-theistic though? I’ve been thinking of watching the guy but usually when its YouTube… :\

From memory, I’m fairly certain he doesn’t. His focus is on the gameplay, graphics, etc. I can’t say I was offended watching it.

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