Religion is more important to Americans than to residents of many other Western countries



Israel surprised me. I thought they are much more secular.


This has been true since year 1 of human history. Wealth makes people less religious. The US is more religious than Europe/Canada/Australia because it didn’t have state protestant churches, or 1500 years of uninterrupted Catholicism (which was also organically connected to the state, with “Altar & Throne” philosophy). As cynicism & political discontent with the old order arose with the advent of modernism in the 19th century, religion suffered right beside the crown in any given country. In the US, they were viewed independently from one another. There, religion was well insulated from modernist scruples.

I’m perplexed by how low China is. I know it would be in the lower range, but less than 5%? That can’t be true. It’s an officially atheists country, but it has a flourishing large minorities of religious people, especially with rising Christianity. How can that number be less than 5%?


I am glad that the U.S. is in the top half.


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