Religion is no reason to refuse gay clientele, appellate court rules in bakery case

DENVER (Reuters) – A baker in suburban Denver cannot cite his religious beliefs in refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday, backing a lower court that decided he had illegally discriminated against the two men.

The decision follows a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June that legalized gay marriage nationwide.

That’s all just the beginning… :frowning:

Argh, argh, argh. It would be nice if people didn’t misrepresent the issue. (I mean the source, not the OP.)

The baker never tried to “refuse gay clientele,” he refused to bake a cake for a particular type of event. He’d be happy to make a cake for a gay person’s birthday or other event, just not a gay wedding. Regardless of your feelings about the issue, the misrepresentation is wrong.


This all appears very one sided, if you are a customer, you can walk past a shop if you know the owners are Christian, gay, Muslim, you don’t have to give a reason to boycott a shop. It seems customers have the right to discriminate through their beliefs.

However if you are a shop keeper, are you then obliged to serve all customers requests, even if they do not seem right to you?

I wonder how this situation would have played out had the customers requested a satanic type cake for wedding and the bakery refused. :shrug:

It has happened in this context…someone was in Europe…went into some gay bakeries and asked them to bake a Christian cake and was pretty much shown the door…a few with expletives…to boot…pun here.

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