Religion of peace? I think not.


Well, the so called Religion of Peace has now called for the execution of the Pope. Tens of thousands are in the streets in protest where they are hanging make shift Popes, setting fire to churches and have already killed a nun that they shot in the back like cowards.

So where are the outraged “moderate muslims”?

I think that it is time that we stop this lie that says Islam is peaceful. They want to start another crusade, and they may try and kill a Pope to do it.


Islam does not mean peace. It means “submission to God”.


Its not “make shift Popes” Its called an effigy!

They do this stuff all the time. I’ll bet there is an “effigy-r-us” store they make so many…


I can’t believe that the moderate Muslims are not speaking out against the over-reaction to Pope B16’s statements. I just watched a TV debate with the head of a Muslim organization and a Protestant columnist. They both deplored what the Pope said but that’s where their agreement ended because the Muslim man said that the violence is justified because “victims” have a right to defend themselves. This is craziness. How can the world stand back and keep saying this is a peaceful religion? I just don’t get it:( .


You know, I’ll bet they just make them in advance and when one starts to look dusty or starts to just look old, they get offended about something ridiculous so they can burn it.

Its like having a last minute sale on the food that is expiring tomorrow!


We cant stop “this lie that Islam is peaceful” since we dont claim that anyway.

Islam does, and they have yet to convince anyone with half a brain of that one.


I just laughed so hard I had to run for the sink to spit up my lemonade spiked with good old ALCOHOL…Haha

And now I am getting the bacon ready…

Join me brother!


One can make blanket statements about Islam as well as one can make blanket statements about Protestantism. There is a very wide range of interpretations of the Koran. “Islam” is not some unified entity. There is no central authority to pronounce official doctrine. So, for some, Islam is a religion of peace, for others, it is obviously not.




If it ever gets to something as sick as a radical Killing the Pope ----that might make me consider joining a Crusade…


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! grabs his armor and sword


Just enjoying every minute of life without Muslim rule. The freedoms I have and am happy about even at the smallest level.
The list of donts are pretty long in Islam.


I don’t have much to add, except to say that the title of the thread says it all:

**Religion of peace? I think not. :thumbsup: **


The OP did not say that “Islam” means peace. She is implying that Islam claims to be a peaceful religion.

Obviously that’s not the case. The Muslims bash everyone who is not Muslim, but Christians, Jews, etc. are not killing Muslims in the name of their respective religions.



I dont even understand how they can call themselves peaceful when they burn churches and kill a nun:confused: Are they totally oblivious to themselves.:eek: :eek: If that is what they consider peaceful I would hate to see what they call violent:bigyikes:



It is typically claimed that these crimes are committed only by a violent minority. Unfortunately, even a small minority is an incrediably large number of murderers. I used to believe Islam was peaceful myself, but the more I learn (much from Muslim members of this forum) the more I believe the religion is so saturated in violence that while only a few may act upon it, the religion itself fosters that behavior. Sad, but true.


The biggest problem I see with Islam is that when the extremists say or do things that are wrong, there is no answering moderate or liberal view that speaks out against the actions of the extremists. It is as if they are afraid of being the next target.

At least in Christianity there is no shortage of those with opposing opinions who are willing to speak out against the actions or words of other Christians.



Does everyone remember the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? The HF is the little boy who points out that the emperor (radical Islam) is naked despite the grovelings of his courtiers and servants. The handwriting is on the wall folks…the “peaceful” mask of radical Islam is removed to reveal the reality with, once again, very few comments from any other type of Islam. The silence from the “majority” of Muslims is deafening.

Consider the comments made today comparing the HF to Hitler and Mussollini. Consider the statement released which calls us cross worshippers and the Holy Blood “wine” in some translations I’ve seen and “liquor” in others. Far worse an insult than quoting the words of a Byzantine emperor whose truth was as true today as it was 600 years ago. I don’t see Catholics rioting in the street or murdering imams or burning mosques.

Forewarned is forearmed.


To be honest, I think that the Muslims who stand for peace are scared. They don’t want to be killed for disagreeing with the big guys.


Which shows what’s wrong with the religion. We don’t see the Pope calling for the deaths of the women who were recently “ordained” priests, or other dissenters from the Church. I like to think there are good, decent Muslims out there who don’t have such hatred in their hearts. I pray that they, too, will be liberated from the fear and hatred their leaders espouse.

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