Religion Writers See Double Standard for Roman Polanski

There’s quite a conversation going on in the religion blogosphere about the contrast between the case of Roman Polanksi (famed filmmaker, accused of raping 13-year-old girl decades ago, on the lam, and now, after finally being arrested in Switzerland, winning public support from fellow entertainers and European public officials) and that of multiple priests (not famous, accused of abusing minors decades ago, etc.).


Double standard? I don’t think so. Polanski went to trial, was convicted, and fled before the sentencing hearing. The victim isn’t interested in seeing Polanski extradited and, whats more, the judge would have deported him anyway! The major difference being that Polanski did go to trial and his crime* wasn’t swept under the rug and covered up for decades by a massive global entity claiming to be the world authority on all things moral.* The issue with the sexual abuse scandal isn’t so much that there was sexual abuse; it’s the fact that the Church knew what was going on, chose to cover it up, and simply bounced the pedophiles from one parish to another. In other words, the scandal wasn’t/isn’t sexual abuse; the manner in which the Church chose to handle it is what is scandalous. Crimen Sollicitationis was/is both scandalous and outrageous.

The Church always has highs and lows in her history. Prayer is what is needed, especially in dark times.

Actually Polanski pleaded guilty and fled before the sentencing phase of his trail.

I am shocked that this article is from and Boston Globe. The fact that the newspaper had no circulation and was going bankrupt may have been a factor.

The above tells about the incident. There is also a petition from actors demanding he be released from a Swiss jail. Among those signing are Woody Allen and Martin Scorcese.

I think if it were a Catholic priest, many would be signing for his return even after 30 years.

But you miss precisely the point. WHY did the bishops cover things up? Probably because they were too shocked to believe it could be true. The abusers were men they knew and trusted. It was out of left field. The bishops undoubtedly could not believe that things had really happened the way the accusers claimed. Or they believed it was an isolated incident or that the root problem had been addressed. So they made the horrific mistake of protecting their own against unknown OTHERS, regardless of the facts.

That is EXACTLY the mistake all these Hollywood moguls and divas are making defending Polanski. They know his work, they respect his talents, they can NOT get their minds around the idea that the same man could be a brutal rapist. So they protect their own against unknown OTHERS.

Same tragic mistake, same reason, same outcome. Guilty man is enabled to prey again. (And indications are that Polanski DID do it again in Europe, as most child molesters do.)

i read the transcript of this young girl’s testimony and i know that she reached a settlement with him, but i think it is out of her hands as far as her wanting to drop it.

how anyone can defend this man after what he did to this young girl is beyond me.

Debra Winger is another supporting him. Most who have signed the petition look like they’re European actors etc.

Another reason why I don’t go to movies. Use to love the movies. :frowning:

i agree. i was just thinking last night that they should shut down Hollywood. the tv shows being developed anymore are not entertaining. there aren’t that many movies that are worth the money to see anymore. i think the golden age of hollywood is over.
debra winger used to be one of my favorite actresses. i was really disappointed to see that she is supporting roman polanski.

Sorry, it should read " the Church knew what was going on, chose to cover it up, and simply bounced the **HOMOSEXUALS **from one parish to another …

Accuracy is important.:slight_smile:

Well, I see a huge double standard here.
First of all-if the victims testimony is true- this was forcible rape- not just statutory rape.
I even heard callers to Sean Hannity’s radio show being apologists for this guy(Polanski) and I thought “WHAT?”:eek: Where are the feminists who decried violence against women?

If this had been a Catholic Priest, or a conservative Protestant minister like Pat Robertson
or a conservative politician or commentator there would have been calls for the guy’s head from some of these same Hollywood types even if it had happened 50 years ago.

You got it,Pontiac.:wink:

Too bad he’s not Father Polanski.I think that these actors and actresses who have the temerity to call him the victim are literally,morally insane.

Would have deported him anyway? Maybe, but AFTER he actually was sentenced and served his time for the crime he plead GUILTY to.

No, actually, it’s exactly the same thing. A man who has won the respect of his peers does something awful, and nobody can believe that this could possibly be his true character - it has to have been an incident that happened beyond his control, and outside of his normal personality - one of those goofy once in a lifetime mistakes that will never happen again. So, he should get away with it and not serve the time - and nobody should be made upset by it. So instead of serving the time, he moves somewhere else and starts over with a clean slate.

This is exactly what happened with those priests, too.

This story was in our local newspaper and I found this online for backup.

It seems that although Polanski agreed to the settlement, he has not paid it. As far as can be told, the victim has received nothing.

I see another double standard in that they accept that the victim in this case has ‘gotten over it and gotten on with her life’ while all the victims of homosexual priests are all ‘still suffering unimagined agonies’ which require the Church to compensate, even though the perpetrator is dead or in jail.

Perhaps the Hollywood companies that employed Polanski as a director should be made to pay her instead.

Film director Roman Polanski agreed to pay his sexual assault victim $500,000 to settle a lawsuit 15 years after he fled the U.S., according to court documents provided to media outlets Friday.

The deal between Polanski and the victim, Samantha Geimer, was reached in October 1993. The terms of the settlement were confidential, but the amount was disclosed in court documents because of a two-year struggle to get Polanski to pay.

Court records do not indicate whether Polanski, now 76, ever paid.The last court filing in August 1996 shows Polanski owed Geimer $604,416.22, including interest.

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