Religions and Direct Charity

There are many faiths represented her and thought why not put out a topic most of us can agree on the value of Charity to those in need.

**As an example to work with lets say there is a homeless man, panhandling and doesn’t drink or smoke or do illegal drugs but does this as a resource to get essentials he needs. Someone that is disabled in ways that make work difficult if unlikely. And this person is not of your faith but what you would call an unbeliever.

Ok now what would your faith and there religious teachers and holy people say is correct charity to offer this person.**

As a Christian Anarchist I’m still a Christian Jesus clearly by His example told His followers to provide for the poor as you then give to Him and the Father. So I would give what I could without burdening myself at the moment in cash help at a minimum since I’m not well off but even I can afford to offer something. If I had more wealth I’d give more since I’d have more given to me with the desires of God. That is what Jesus would expect as a love for Him demands in my heard the will to give to the needy.

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