Religiosity linked to reduced sexual aggression and coercion in college men, study finds


Via the Institute for Family Studies:

A caveat (emphasis mine):

["W]e cannot recommend that individuals engage in religious behavior for extrinsic reasons,” Hagen continued. “We would hypothesize, in light of our study and literature, that only religious behavior that is intrinsically motivated would offer the protective effects we found. This is something we need to untangle through further research.”

I bolded that because we know rape does in fact occur on religious campuses. There are high profile cases including some very recent ones involving an Evangelical seminary. We must not be blind to that fact. Religious institutions have some advantages in curbing such behaviours and likely are safer to some extent (or maybe not) but when they happen, they fail miserably at handling them because they think because the chances are lower, it can never happen to them. They forget wolves in sheep’s clothing is a thing.

“Nonetheless, it would seem that our findings would suggest that colleges and policy-makers be open to allowing students to participate in religious groups and activities, as hostility to such groups may be counter-productive to reducing sexual violence on campuses,” Hagen said. “Creating spaces for evidence-based discussions on the role of religiosity in protecting against sexual aggression and technology-based coercive behavior might be something colleges wish to explore.”


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