Religious art & its development of western culture?

In the early middle ages, religious art sponsored by the Church was very prominent and shaped western culture. This includes the development of art techniques and styles.

How else did religious art develop western culture? Meaning, how did it shape social norms, ethical values…

Also, if religious art from the middle ages developed western culture, how would it have a lasting legacy to the Church today?

I’m just very curious. I wonder if anyone knows the influence of the Church’s art to today’s society since this is an interesting topic!

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Here is the Majesty of God. The term social norms is something that immediately goes on my radar as something a potential moral relativist would say, not accusing you of being one.

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We can still view the art, and its implied message. In the current university system, Western Culture is not politically correct and its very message is bashed by every professor you will have. The Pietà is beautiful regardless of time period.

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I almost wonder if Anti-Catholic art has a greater influence today. Be aware of, but do not look up, Chris Ofili’s the holy virgin mary, 1996, where Mary is portrayed in physical byproducts of animals that are gross with a background of images that violate Theology of the Body. Had this been against any other world religion, the art would have been eliminated. I think it is safe to say the culture wants ignore our art. I was very careful in wording to describe this in a PG way so it need not be flagged.

Cathedral of Milan vs Los Angles Cathedral
Both images from Wikipedia:


This difference was pointed out in Barbara Nicolosi’s FOCUS talk.

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