Religious Books for Teens?

Just what the title says. Anybody know any? Especially about the core teachings of the Faith and about the End Times. Thanks :o

The Catholic Faith Handbook For Youth by Saint Mary’s Press is a very good starting point. I look forward to seeing what everyone else has to say!

…Umm, may I ask why? If you’re trying to find one for a teen in your life, be in child, or whatever… Why don’t you just give them one intended for adults?

From my experience, all the “for teens” and “for children” stuff just makes them feel like they’re being given something “dumbed down” for their age range, which just pushes them away. Especially with teens… Sooo, that’s why I’m asking why.

I would recommend Ave Maria Press’ Catholic Essentials over the CFH as it follows the USCCB’s new curriculum guidelines for high school texts.

To make a good recommendation, though, it would help to have more info. I wouldn’t give the same book to every person. It depends upon where the person is at, what their personality is, and what they are open to (and what their reading level is! ;)).

That said, I might recommend something like Peter Kreeft’s Making Choices or Yes or No? to get kids thinking about the important questions and the supremely logical answers that Christianity provides for those questions.

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