Religious books

Who can I donate religious books to? i.e., works of the Saints, lives of the Saints, life of Mary by Emmerich, stuff like that? I don’t think the Salvation Army is the proper place to donate. I was thinking of contacting the Franciscans and see if they would take them. And small pamplets too. Unfortunately our Christmas fair doesn’t accept books. thanks

Chances are there is a seminary not too far from you. Or give them to your diocese for its seminarians.


Some missionaries abroad are very happy to receive those kinds of items.

A lot of parishes have libraries that might be interested. I know my Parish does. :slight_smile:

Most dioceses don’t have seminaries located in them, but most have diaconate formation programs. They might be interested in such books.

I donated a bunch to our parish yard sale. One of the ladies said she would go thru them & keep some of them for the parish library. She put most of them in the library - kind of nice to see familiar titles there. :slight_smile:

depending on how intense they are, what about Catholic schools?..or try the Society of St. Vincent de Paul where the money gained from their sale will go to help families in need…

you can most likely sell them on

Catholic books hold their value pretty well and people will buy them.

yes I was thinking of the parish library or Adoration chapel if you have one at your church.

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