Religious conflict in family

So my mother decided it would be great if I went to a christian church, knowing that I feel as though they don’t take the worship that seriously. I told her this and asked her to not take me there anymore, to put me back in the Catholic Church. She refused as is putting me and my athiest brother in that church twice a week. It’s really causing a lot of stress towards me, I tell her this as well and she says she will take me out of the Catholic process and threatened to take me out of the school, and insulted how I said I wanted to be a nun when I grew up. I don’t know what to do. will I not be able to go to Heaven if I never receive the Eucharist and am not baptized? My mother is not listening to me, and is very harsh on her beliefs.

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You will be of age one day and be able to choose for yourself. In the mean time read as MUCH good true Catholic material as you can and pray the Rosary even if you don’t have one(Use your fingers). Stay true and Keep the Faith no matter what.


Thank you!


Keep your eyes on Our Lord and pray, BEG, ask Him for the Grace you need to do this. He will never leave you or forsake you. Also ask Our Blessed Mother because she is our Mother too.

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Unfortunately if you are a minor, you have to obey your parents. But there are some things you can do: learn more about Catholicism, and most of all: pray to God for help.


How old are you? I’m asking because your mother could violate truancy laws if she made good on her threat to take you out of school.

Also, are you Catholic or in the process of converting? It unclear by what you mean by “the Catholic Process.”

Well, by definition a Catholic Church would be a Christian Church. Do you mean to say that your mother wants you to attend a Protestant Church? If so there isn’t much you can do unfortunately. We’re commanded to honor our mother and father, and refusing to do what she’s saying would be disobedience.

That said, until you are old enough to make your own decisions Independent of your mother you can be a Catholic. If your heart is in the right place and you accept the teachings of the Church then you are Catholic. Admittedly you won’t be able to take part in all the things that come with being a Catholic but in time you will. In your case I think at heart you are a Catholic.

How old are you if I may ask? Depending on your age you may be close to being able to attend church on your own.

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