Religious Discrimination


Does anyone know of a good book or other writing that lists the different ways Catholics have been discriminated against in the U.S.? Specifically, those practices that were either written into law or state sanctioned.



I recommend “The New Anti-Catholicism: The Last Acceptable Prejudice,” by Philip Jenkins:

Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

From Publishers Weekly
The American media, usually painstaking in their efforts to offend members of no racial, religious or gender category, consistently make one major exception-the Roman Catholic Church. So argues Jenkins, professor of history and religion at Penn State and a prolific author whose titles include Pedophiles and Priests and The New Christendom. Though anti-Catholicism arrived with the Pilgrims, only since the 1960s has it been aided by dissenters within the Catholic Church, primarily those who disagree with the church on sexual matters: birth control, feminism, abortion, homosexuality. Citing copious recent examples of anti-Catholicism in public protests, movies, television, publishing, the arts, the news media and academia, Jenkins concludes that offenses against Catholicism, unlike those against, say, Judaism or Islam, are rarely censored and never considered hate crimes. Similarly, historical offenses by Catholics are treated differently from those against Catholics: “If seizing Christian Syria and Palestine by the Muslim sword was acceptable in the seventh century, why was it so atrocious to try to reclaim them with the Christian lance 400 years later?” Jenkins, an Episcopalian, wants evenhanded treatment for all religions, whether through equal respect or equal openness to attack. Liberal Catholics may contend that vigorous dissent helps keep the hierarchy honest; others might argue that the largest American denomination does not need the protections afforded more vulnerable groups. For Jenkins, however, it’s about fairness: “One does not make light of black heroes and martyrs, of AIDS or gay-bashing, yet when dealing with Catholics, no subject is off-limits.”


The new one Parish Priest: Father Michael McGivney and American Catholicism, by Douglas Brinkley and Julie Fenster. Father McGivney started the Knights of Columbus back in the late 1800s. He was in the New England area I believe, possibly Massachussetts.


I do not recall the names of the books but here are some examples:

The Masons
The Pilgrams and early settlers
The 13 Colonies had laws against Catholics
The US Constitution has parts that ban religious from office
The Irish imagrants
The Mexican imagrants today

You just have to take the scales off your eyes and look to see the anti-Catholic bigots today and in our history. Just turn on your TV to some religious channels like 3ABN, look at which clergy make national news for sexual miscinduct. We had a Southern Baptist preacher get arrested for gay sex with an undercover cop. (Click here for story) He was at South Tulsa Baptist church - the church I was married in by the way but with a different clergyman.:bigyikes: If it was a Catholic priest it would still be headline news on CNN and CBS.


I’d just like to add the following quote from George Bush Senior, spoken when he was running for President in 1987:

“No, I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.”

And if he had said that about Jews? About Catholics? About Asians?


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