Religious Dorms Sprout Up

Apparently inspired by the U of Illinois Champaign Newmann Center, a private group is funding the construction and operation of catholic dorms at secular universities.

Predictably, even though NO public money is being used, militant atheists are howling mad and demanding that the courts stop such an outrage as people being believers at college and living in community…:rolleyes:

That’s awesome!

The link didn’t work for me, so I found this one in case other people have the same problem I did:

These dorms are great tools for the Church’s mission. This is where college kids live and eat and sleep. Having that type of place available is a great opportunity for students to learn how to live out their faith in a supportive environment amidst a culture that is increasingly hostile to that faith. It worked for me. :slight_smile:

I was at Florida Institute of Technology when the Catholic Campus Ministry there learned that the Newman Student Housing Fund had chosen them for a dorm. It actually opened this semester! (It was promised that it would be done before my graduation, but alas…)

I’m so excited for it though. The main Campus Ministry offices (and rooms used for Mass) is across the street and a Catholic high school is on the adjacent property, so hopefully it will become a kind of Catholic corridor on campus. :smiley:

Actually stayed at Newman Dorm when I went to UIUC undergrad. Good location but the priest liked yelling at people during confession and giving overtly political sermons.

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