Religious emoticons


When will we have religious emoticons again?


Hi @BroIgnatius,

There are some here on the forum that you’ll see when you click on the little smiley face icon when you’re in your Reply box.

They’re in each different emoticon section, if you scroll down through the different sections. I pulled most of them out for you to show them to you.

They’re in the People, Object, and Travel Sections, of the emoticon section in the Reply box.

God bless you! :slightly_smiling_face:

:church: :place_of_worship: :latin_cross: :orthodox_cross: :pray: :angel: :dove:


Also, in one of the how to threads, Joe58?? posted a tutorial to get the old smileys.
Sorry, I can’t put my hands on the link just now…


I was talking about the ones we use to have. The ones you posted are pretty lame.


Thank @Vim71 for posting these:
Copy and paste a smilie onto a post but you can’t copy and paste it onto the same line without doing an extra step.
This is what happens when it’s not on a separate line without that extra step:

I chose this smiley for this example.

But if you paste it on another line:
I chose this smiley

for this example.

Or you can type “I chose this smiley <img src=paste> for this example”:

I chose this smiley for this example.


Thanks for these, even if we have to work hard to get it posted.


Here they are:




I’ll have to work on my pasting, as it looks like one of my emoties is asleep! LOL!!

Thanks for bringing them over, @pianistclare. :heart:


I have nice emojis on my phone, but they change when I use them here.

I used a pretty rose and it changed to a tulip, as well as my little guy praying changes into prayer hands.

I’ll see if I can copy ir upload the little guy.

Thanks Clare💐

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