Religious event - Rosary to the gates of Heaven (Poland)

perhaps somebody would like to participate in the event. It’s connected with pro-life movement; it’s based mostly in Poland where it originated and it starts today.
Everything is explained on the website.

Considering the latest and still happening protests of young people (mostly) against the decision of the constitutional court that eugenic abortion is illegal, there are plenty of people now attacking churches, Catholics, priests included - mostly verbally, very aggressively, sometimes physically, this is the right time to pray our way out of the situation.
Anyone wiling to help - just click on the link - or at least pray the Rosary in the intentions here copied from the site:
"From 1st – 8th November, during the octave of All Saints’ Celebrations.
  1. We make reparation for all the sins of abortion committed in the world.

  2. We ask souls in Purgatory for prayers, we offer plenary indulgences.

  3. We apologize to unborn children, we accept them into our families and ask them to pray for us.

The fruit of this great prayer of Poles and other people may be the restoration of hope, faith and acceptance of God’s peace."
Mostly it’s two prayers I see are not translated :frowning: But then there is Psalm 51 (Miserere) and Sorrowful Mysteries (at least) for each of the day.
God bless you all.

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