Religious experience.

I want to take a poll of the religious experiences of non- Christians on this forum.

My questions are:

What is your religious traditon?

Do you feel at home in your tradition?
Believe that your religion ‘feels right’?
Experience a sense of awe/wonder when engaging in certain religious rituals? Please specify.

My aim is to determine if this type of religious experience is universal.

I certainly feel at home in my Catholic tradition, yet I am now an agnostic.

**My questions are:

What is your religious traditon? Islam

Do you feel at home in your tradition? YES

Believe that your religion ‘feels right’?
When I compare Islam with other religions…it feels more right

Experience a sense of awe/wonder when engaging in certain religious rituals? Please specify.]**

when I preformed the ritual prayer in the desert alone at night ,reciting out load few Chapeters from the Quran… because the vast place in that desert is empty…you see no buildings and no people …I felt the sense of awe because there is no one but me and and God …after the prayer , looking at the distant stars and the moon,I felt insignifact but at the same time comfortable being a musulim who just finished bowing before God…alhamdulillah

That’s awsome, thanks.

I am Catholic and attend a SSPX chapel. I love the tradition of the Catholic Church and I feel very at home in my church. I feel like everything is right with the world when I am in my church. During the week I just can’t wait to get back to Mass on Sunday. When I am sitting in a dark church on Christmas eve with my family listening to the choir sing Christmas songs I feel warm all over, this just about brings tears of joy to my eyes. I know that sounds Gorky but I just don’t care. :wink:

I am kinda in a transition of my traditions, lol, it rhymes sorry, had to lol, I think LOL kinda lightens moods and just makes me laugh. Anyways, I am heading to a mix of Buddhism and Taoism, and plan on, after/during my Military Career, to educate myself in a Buddhist Temple, and after the Military maybe spend a year (or more?) in a Monastery, far from politics, and learn much as I can, and maybe find Enlightenment, or at least, find more of myself, and such.

I feel at home most of the time – more than at first, that’s for sure – and it certainly feels right, but even if it didn’t, it would still be right. Awe and wonder? Of course. When I look up at the crucifix while kneeling, praying quietly, and I see Christ’s love for us all, I feel much more awe and wonder than words can describe – all of which would add up to nothing if it weren’t true. In line to receive Communion, I feel a world of awe and wonder envelop me gradually as I approach the Sacrament preparing my mind, and I appreciate the gift of spiritual sensitivity, I pray always to have it and for others always to have it as well, and I want this for everyone. But I want the reality for everyone, not merely the feeling. Truth, reality, actuality, is worth so much no matter what the feelings are. Feelings are valuable to the extent that they lead us into truth; they aren’t the point of truth but the point of feelings is truth.

Are there any more experiences people would like to share?

I’m sorry, Peter, I’m Catholic, too, but you asked if anyone wanted to share. I am so happy to be Catholic I don’t know where to begin. I’m a cradle Catholic who wandered to other denominations for many years in search of the “original” Christian church, and ultimately found it in the Catholic Church. I love reading the Bible, getting to know the evangelists and Paul. I love reading about the growth of the early Church in the Acts of the Apostles. I feel such joy and peace when I’m in church, especially at Mass. I love confession now, even though I hadn’t gone in 30 years! I love knowing the saints are there to inspire and pray for me. I’ve learned so much by walking through the Gospels with Mary (while praying the rosary). I love knowing at Communion time that our Lord offers His resurrected life to me. And I cherish the sense of connection I feel with that early Church I was looking for… when we chant the Kyrie and the Credo…to think we are repeating the same words those early Christians recited. I guess the best thing, though, is the experience of the presence of our Lord (and Mary); I have experienced many such, in and out of church, and sometimes find it hard to believe myself! All those things I use to worry about and chase after…I’ve found something so much better!

The Seed of God…the Light of Christ…the Light Within…the Inward Teacher is still present…even in the agnostic…speaking words of comfort, love, hope, mercy.

I am an atheist but I think you’d say my “religious tradition” is Catholic, since my parents and grandparents were all Catholics from Catholic families. I have been known to attend Unitarian Universalist and Catholic services from time to time.

What is your religious tradition? Catholic

Do you feel at home in your religious tradition? Aside from the not believing in God part (and all that entails), I understand and appreciate the vast majority of Catholic moral teaching and Catholic scholasticism.

Do you feel that your religion “feels right?” No, I’d rather be an “out” atheist outside the Church than a “closeted” atheist within the Church.

Experienced a sense of awe/wonder when engaging in certain rituals? Sure, and those rituals can include eating a good meal, going for a bike ride in the country or changing my kid’s diaper. Religious rituals (Catholic or otherwise) never really affected me much, and I tried really hard when I was twelve or so.

I hope you find Jesus, will be praying for you.

In His Love,

I will hope you find enlightenment. Good luck.

That’s me!

What is your religious tradition? Formerly Catholic, now I attend Unitarian Universalist services. I enjoy reading the Tao Te Ching, and I’m curious about some aspects of the neopagan religions.

Do you feel at home in your tradition? At times. It is very different from the Catholicism I was raised in, but Catholicism is just not an option right now.
**Believe that your religion ‘feels right’? ** Sometimes.
Experience a sense of awe/wonder when engaging in certain religious rituals? Please specify. Yep, most of them Catholic (the rituals, that is). But also when I received a reiki attunement. I found that to be a profound experience.

I am a Christian and my religious experience certainly does feel right. But then again, that’s not what’s important. What’s important is that my religious experience is right! I am a Catholic and Catholicism is my religious experience. :thumbsup:

Yeh, Holly! :thumbsup:


Sorry, this post was just a bit too self congratulating for me to let pass without some comment. There are legions of Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Neo-pagans, Muslims, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox, Shinto, and Animists that would disagree.

We can tolerate all those – it’s the ones that follow curdled dairy products that we can ostracize. :wink:


But, but… it’s my church! It’s right because I say it’s right!


But you’re wrong!!! :extrahappy:


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