religious experince


now this is just a simple Q&A

have you ever had something in your life that was so amazing it put your faith back into you?

if so what was it (details would be nice)

now heres my side

last year i was doing a yule ritual and i was so tired that i went to bed right after i was done, later that night i had a dream where i was bieng attacked by something and i would wake up with scratches on my arms and chest. for about 3 nights this happend and then i relized what i had done…i forgot to close my circle. which for wiccans is sort of like a portal,window, what ever you want to call it to the spirit world…and something nasty got out, so soon as i relized that was the problem. I closed the circle and prayed to the protection goddess and god to watch over me while i sleep…and after that i slept peacfully and without any attacks.


What kind of faith is this? With such evil forces you encountered first hand how could you continue to play with fire? That is a sign you are not following the correct religion.


okay, im wiccan if that isnt already been said enough.
and what you call playing with fire, i call being part of another religion…and it was a sign, but it was a sign that i should pay more attention to what i was doing

now why is bieng pagan,neopagan, or anything not christian always evil?


Do you know what god protected you?

For me, when I call my God, I write it in capital as “God” for I know there is only one true God - the One you will find from a Christian Church, to be more specially - the Catholic Church.


look up celtic protection Gods, and why do i need to find the “one true god” in a catholic church

why not another church?( not like im gonna anyways just curious )


a quick search on Wicca, and here is the part I’d like to discuss with you:

“We do not worship Satan or consort with Demons. Satan is a Christian creation and they can keep him. We do not need a paranoid creation of supreme evil and eternal damnation to scare us into doing the right thing and helping others. We choose to do the right thing and love our brothers and sisters because it IS the right thing and it feels good to do it. I suppose it is a maturity thing.”

Yet, you are a Wiccan and you are afraid of something that you need to draw a circle around you.

What are you being afraid of?


okay look, if your gonna attack me and my relgion start another thread i’ll be glad to argue with you on that, but please im asking you keep to the subject of the thread…and i draw a circle for the same reason you do the cross thing on your head and shoulders, it opens you up to God. The circle opens me up…and if you were bieng attacked in your dreams and had scratches all over you when you woke up wouldnt you be scared to?


No, I am not attacking you. If you want to share your religious experience, you should allow people to ask you questions so that they understand your experience. My question is still relevant to your subject.

If you don’t want to answer, that’s fine too.


and then they should follow a religon that preaches peace, yet has been known for war, they have called what I enjoy(anime) evil, and that we are violent, so they throw bottles, try to get us into fights.


i’m sorry i got so mad that people do this all the time when i ask something then they try to correct me on something that had nothing to do with the actuall subject…

but i’ll start another thread telling about my story on wicca if thats okay with the people on here and why wiccans might do things such as spells,casting circles, ect.

but please, if you can give me an answer to the question i would appreciate that alot


Sure, I think it is perfectly fine if you want to tell us about your belief. I didn’t mean to make you upset either, and I am sorry about that.

I was going to tell you my experience, and here is:

In July 2006, I was attending this “Light in Holy Spirit” for four days. On the third day, during the time I and all people attending the seminar was praising the Lord. I was closing my eyes and singing. I began to hear two distinctive groups - on my right, I heard people worshiping the Lord; while on my life another group was crying in very scare voice as if they are in great danger. When I opened my eyes, nobody was actually singing what I heard them singing, and nobody was actually crying.

On the same night, as I remember correctly, I came home and pray with the Rosary for the intercession of the Virgin Mary. I was praying with one intention in mind - is to receive the Holy Spirit’s gift of healing - In fact, I’ve been working with a non-profit organization to help the leprosy in Vietnam, and I really wanted to help them in anyway I could. Anyway, during the praying, all of sudden, my mouth was speaking a very strange language and this language is thought to be the “Gift of tongue” from the Holy Spirit.

For the next two days, I feel so much the presence of God. From that day on, my life has changed. I’ve come to love to attend daily mass, to read Bible, to see homeless as my brother.

Of course, I am not perfect, but my experience helps me grow spiritually and I am trying to live the way that Jesus wanted me and all of us to live.


reborn_pagan, part of the problem with people reacting to your experience rather then your original question is probably due to the experience you related. I don’t feel that what you personally experienced would renew a lot of people’s faith but rather drive them away from it. So when you feel your religion is being attacked…well, mostly by your own fault. Its not reading very well. :frowning:

You posted something about basically inviting demons into your house and they attacked you. I realize that you may have a different take on the experience, but perhaps you might better explain why that experience renewed your faith. It sounds like it renewed your faith (apologies if I’m incorrect) because it proves to you that your rituals, when not done correctly, had an effect that was inline with your beliefs.

Catholics, I’m assuming (apologies here if I am incorrect), have an idea of their faith (or God?) as a shield, enabling them to take on any situation with courage knowing that they are safe in the hands of their god. Posting that you feel safer after you closed the circle, to them, seems rather feeble when compared to what they experience. Some people also, may question why one needs to engage with gods that have nasty side effects like demons scratching you when one exists that allows for easy communication without the chance of demon attacks.

So it is completely logical that these people want to question your experience… it actually screams out louder then your original posted intention.

I’m not attacking you or your religion. I am merely attempting to explain why this may have happened rather then just jump automatically to the conclusion that you were attacked because you’re Wiccan. It could very well be that you’re being attacked because your Wiccan too.

As an aside, I have my doubts as to whether you were attacked by demons. There are many other more logical things that can explain the scratches on your body as well as them disappearing after your second ritual. I’m pagan but I’m also not inclined to slide into superstition and stories about demons. Besides, if it were that simple to summon up demons then scientists would have gotten a bunch of summoners into a room for a controlled experiment.

Just some thoughts. By the way, I appreciate your posts and the fact that you keep posting.


thanks pagansoul, i relized that awhile after also…

The way it increased my faith is cause i was scared out of my wits, thinking “oh god what did i do now?” i was so scared that i was gonna stop bieng wiccan, but then something hit me on the back of the head like my girlfriend does everytime i do something stupid. i’ll give it one shot to see if its what i think it was…and you were right i didn’t do it right so i had a negative reaction, and i didn’t mean to summon up demons or anything of that sort… Like i said before casting a circle is alot like opening a window. If you forget to shut it, a burgler might come in and attack you, in my case the burgler was (lets just call it a demon) attacked me, so i closed the circle(window) banished the thing and asked for some protection… and as turns out that it worked


****Hi There

Sorry if anyone here make you upset, that is not their initial intention but more on telling you that the stuff you’re doing previously is not spiritual. Before i became a Christian. I tried such stuff before when i was very very young, and gosh the experience was really frightening. Let alone playing around will such devil stuff is going to drain your spirit. The Chinese pagan believes that althought such evil spirit can help you to do wonders but you need to submit your soul to him (devil) the soul is the light of the body and the more you into it, the more it take away those light in your soul. In fact in Asia alot of evil pple cast those evil spirit to others and when such pple was in control by the spirit the behave very differently.I’m not sure if anyone here believes it anot coz it happened to one of my Catholic frez’s parent and he personally encounter the devil itself who possess on his parent body…EEE…very very scary.

Thus i really hope you can stop playing with such stuff which aim good for you!!!****


I have a comment on this part, but I think it might make you feel I attack your faith. Therefore, if you are ok, I will post up what I think.


“Anything not Christian” is not “always evil”, but in the Christian mind anything that invites demons is evil.
Evil is the cause of pain, suffering and death, anthing that invites or increases the rate of these is bad and shouldnt be touched.

I dont know anything about wiccan, but when you say “i should pay more attention” this doesnt sound like getting a bee sting or burned or something, this is your soul being attacked. What if there is no “next time” because you cant stop the evil you let out?

Ill be honest here, I dont know how someone could read your story and want to become wiccan. turn to a religion that guarantees only good or something. actually that brings up a good question…why wiccan?

I dont quite know what your talking about (especially the bottles part) but I dont want to derail the thread going on about this if its not relevant to the Original Post.


did i say i invited the thing in? no


Goofiness. I wish the OP would use correct spelling and grammar. Sounds juvenile.


I don’t think it is really a matter.


He/she is only 15 years old. But that shouldn’t really matter should it?

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