Religious Folk Evil


I seriously do not understand atheists! I used to be one too. How is it THEY think they’re the ones who are “morally good” and any religious folk bad? I remember the way I was, I remmeber the people I hung around with, and poeple at clubs and other such events, who DID NOT believe in God. Guess what? MOST of them were highly arrogant, abused animals, lacked compassion, were brutal and extremely selfish. Among the religious folk, Christians that is, MOST were VERY kind, polite, carring, and willingly helped another when in need. It’s beautiful!

While there are cases of self-righteous religious fanatics, the majority of them that I’ve met, were indeed more moral than these atheists.


Interesting. Your experience doesn’t mesh with mine at all. I’ve never been beaten up, for instance, by anyone who wasn’t Catholic. I’ve met people who were total jerks, mind you. But the only people who physically assaulted me were Catholic.

The only time I ever personally witnessed a knife fight was in the seminary. Yup, you read that right. Bunch of kids training to be priests going at it each other with switchblades. Also, I never met a single Christian while I was working on the crisis line.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Catholics are more violent and less charitable than atheists. It’s just my peculiar experience.

It is true that believers and non-believers tend to have different moral standards. Believers tend to value duty to community, where non-believers tend to focus on not doing harm. Believers donate church-related causes. Non-believers give to environmental organizations.

I think it’s a mistake to suggest that one group is moral than the other. It’s more that they make different moral decisions.


Very good point. I guess it depends where you grow up. Human will be humans, and certain things can ifluence us for bad or good.

But again in my case, mostly every Christian I’ve met and talked with, rarely picked on others, started fights, or showed little compassion. The non-religious were vise- versa.


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