"religious freedom' bill in Georgia


This article came to my attention through an email feed from the National Conference of State Legislatures. It’s about a Georgia bill that would allow businesses to refuse to serve gay couples who had celebrated “matrimonial ceremonies.”

I have mixed feelings about the law because I’d be worried that people could use it to discriminate against me, etc. I know it’s been debated ad nauseam here, but this is a new news item about something that’s happening now.

Warning–the site did start to autoplay a video/audio advertisement–which I find annoying and it disturbs the peace.



It’s nice to see that southern social conservatism has finally found another “other” to rail against after the end of the Civil Rights struggle; it was touch and go there for a while what with Bob Jones University, but I was worried that they were suffering a Jim Crow hangover. Maybe attacking gay marriage will succeed in whipping the rabble into a frenzy as opposed to the failure of the anti-mosque movement, and ensure their relevance for a few years (or months) longer.


Yes, because all us southerners are just so darn stupid and intolerant


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