Religious Gifts for Non-Religious Friends

Christmas is usually a great time to spread cheer and our faith. I love giving religious gifts, such as a nativity set (for newlyweds), good Catholic book (for friends) or Veggie Tale DVDs (for children) because it incorporates the reason for the season with the gifts given.

[font=Arial]However, is it appropriate to give these gifts to non-practicing Catholic friends or their children? Most of my non-practicing friends still say they have a spiritual life, so they might appreciate the gifts. I would love to use the opportunity to evangelize, but don’t want to offend. In general, is it a good or bad idea to give religious gifts to non-religious friends?[/font]

I think the stuff you mentioned is non-denominational enough…how about the CS Lewis Children books for your friends with kids?

For me, it would probably depend on the person and the gift. I don’t think of a nativity set as being overtly religious. Veggie Tales are just cute fun and I don’t think they would be offensive to someone non-religious or just not practicing. The book I guess would depend on the book. Overall, I think it is a good way to spread the gospel, as long as it is done in a nice manner.

I also like those Christmas cards that say you are being prayed for or included in Masses at the place where they were ordered from (like a Shrine or Monastery). Cards are a great way to spread the Religious message of the season. I have never gotten any negative comments on my very religious Christmas cards, even from the Protestant side of the family.
Your ideas sound great. Keep being a good witness. :thumbsup:

I have yet to have anybody turn away good statuary, esp. angels and the Blessed Mother.

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