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I am continuing to think and started approaching different religious congregations/orders .

Could anyone suggest me the catholic men’s religious orders/congregations that strictly follows the rule of wearing the habits all or most of the time?


I believe many Franciscans wear their habits most of the time. (both men and women religious)

I believe that Fr. Groeschel’s order wears their habit 24/7, even when traveling and on off time. At the time he discussed it, he did mention that this was unusual now and that most orders allowed their members to ditch the habit when they have free time away from the monastery. He said that unlike most orders, his felt it was part of their ministry to wear the habit when they are out and about.

That order is Franciscan, but not all Franciscan Orders are the same.

Ave Maria!

The Franciscans of the Immaculate wear the Seraphic habit at all times. It is a sacramental, it is a gift and sign of God, it is a gift from Our Lady, it is penitential, it is in the form of the Cross, a reminder of Christ Crucified, a reminder of the Catholic Church, a reminder of death to the world and life in Jesus Christ, it preaches, it inspires… It’s a gray/blue mix - gray for the original Franciscan habit and blue for Our Lady, it has the weapon of the Holy Rosary, the cord for purity, and hood as the helmet of salvation to fight and conquer the devil, and so, so much more (it’s really cool looking, too).

Franciscans of the Immaculate

Vocation video

Mary, Mother of Vocations, pray for us!

In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

fra John Paul

Thank you Fr .

In fact, FFI is the only one that I could find which is true to its habit. I am already in touch with them through mails. Had great interactions so far. Are you one of them :slight_smile: ?

In corde matris, ( as in the signature of the mails I receive)


Yes, Fra John Paul is a friar of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. :slight_smile:

Ave Maria! Yes I am a Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate and currently assigned to Our Lady of Guadalupe friary in Griswold, CT (the USA motherhouse).

Thanks be to God! Are you looking to visit the friaries in the Philippines or India? Keep moving forward and keep close to Our Lady, and I will pray for you! We have extended adoration for vocations every Thursday, and we recently began a 10,000 Rosary Crusade for vocations, so you’ll be in the prayers and penances of the friars. Ave Maria!

In Corda Iesu et Mariae Sacratissima,

fra John Paul

Hello Fra John Paul,

It’s wonderful to know that you happened to belong to the congregation that I am keen to join if God permits.
I am currently waiting for a response for the recent mail that I sent asking few questions regarding FFI spirituality. If all go well, I will probably meet one of your friars in Singapore. Then I guess if by God calling me to be a friar then that will be in India. I am an Indian though I live in Singapore now.

Please do keep me in your prayers. Coincidently I am kind of part of a project to offer 10000 rosaries for vocations in Singapore. This is a stressful period. I am wandering what The Lord want of me. Is it my desire or if God really want me in a habit. But if I get accepted , I will just leave all things behind and go for it.


Ave maria!

The FFI do not pull the habit for any reason except when one wants to bathe,it is worn while travelling,working both physical and intellectual works,playing even football e.t.c.
I was suprised when i saw the working habit of a frair of the immaculate(head of the Nigeria delegation,Fr Salazar)it was like a rag

Ave maria!

The FFI do not pull off the habit for any reason except when one wants to bathe,it is worn while travelling,working both physical and intellectual works,playing even football,sleeping e.t.c.
I was suprised when I first saw the working habit of a frair of the immaculate(head of the Nigeria delegation,Fr Salazar)it was like a rag and he wears it proudly, wow! Very dedicated.

All for jesus through the immaculate
Ave maria!

Hi Chryso,

Thank you. It looks like FFI is the most reputed religious community these days uhn?


Ave maria!

Bro Joe,
Actually, it does not ‘look like’ but they are the most reputed with certainty…hahaha! Honestly speaking i have never seen such a dedicated institute, very versed in prayers,devotions,liturgy,even, they sing profoundly;frairs and sisters alike,am sure u will like them I will start my initial formation(aspirancy)on the 5th of August.

All for Jesus through the immaculate
Ave maria!

I thought as much. May God be with you in your journey and may the Immaculate heart of mary assist you in your vocation. I pray and hope that I too will be called to it.

Pray for me too,


I think this is very shallow. While wearing religious clothing has valid merits what is more important is the heart and soul. I would rather potential candidates, feel called to serve God and ask what orders will help him grow spiritually, flourish in ministry, and utilize his gifts in the service of God. Becoming a priest involves more than shopping for fashion. If fashion is the concern, you need to question whether you have a calling.

Ave maria!

Thanks am very grateful of your prayers and I promise to pray and even book mass for you.

Ave maria!

Actually many within religious communities get offended by lay people discussing their habits. Including those communities that always wear their habits. When they wear the habit, what type of habit, whether they wear a habit at all is defined by both the founders of the communities and the types of work they do.

Would you think any less of a person that has to remove their habit in order to enter a sterile environment like a hospital? Would you think any less of people that have to change their habits due to religious persecution that forbids wearing of certain types of clothes in certain areas of the world?

Yes many communities that wear habits are seeing an influx, but it is up to the communities themselves to determine when and what type of habits to wear. Not those outside of their community. There have been issues where people wear particular habits suffer from vanity thinking they are better then others. Habits should be worn out of obedience to the community, not out of vanity, liking their looks or any secular reason defined by others.

Ave maria!

The habit is not fashion and will never be and from your perspective the habit is an outward sign of whom one is and for religious its significes…, It is a sacrifice,sacramental and honestly is not everybody that can sacrifice to do such penance, If actually it was for fashion i think they would rather look for better one,one which will be comfortable.

So you should understand the challenge in wearing the habit,again if actually it is for fashion then i think most religious will not want to be off their habits but you and I know it is the contrary.


I think you might wish to consider the type of charism and spirituality that you are attracted to and feel called to. There are many communities in various spiritual traditions who have differing charisms who all wear the habit. Once you nail some of the basics down, you might be better able to focus on specific communities and their manner of living their charism in the world.

Just a thought.


I think the person is referring to the fact that occasional on CA you will start getting discussions on how people like this Orders habit vs. that Orders habit and how they think they are better. You will also get people saying they are discerning whether to join such and such an Order based on the look of their habit. Jessie5000 is right, those types of things shouldn’t be considered, other things about the Order are more important then the look of their habit.

Ave maria!

Ok,now i understand! Well, its uncalled-for to choose an institute just because of the pattern of the habit, some people in my place enter the seminary just because of the aroma that escapes from father’s kitchen;maybe that is how God call some people…hahaha! I remember a Priest telling me that vocations are never attractive,so, i will not say that God ‘attracts’ or calls people through such ways.

All for Jesus throughthe Immaculate
Ave maria!

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