Religious leaders issue statement re: American Muslims

A Statement of Principles from Faith Leaders of Shoulder to Shoulder

As leaders of a number of religious groups in this country, we are deeply disturbed by recent reports that a growing number of businesses across America have declared themselves to be “Muslim-free zones,” the latest of which is a gun range in Oktaha, Oklahoma. There have been far too many cases like this one across our nation: from Kentucky to New York, New Hampshire to Florida. These declarations are anti-American, and they are an affront to all religious groups in America.

The “Muslim-free Zone” declarations are not simply isolated, singular incidents that target American Muslims. Rather, while these acts banning Muslims from entering business establishments around the country are a particularly blatant act of discrimination, this is only the latest development in an every-growing wave of anti-Muslim discrimination across the country. From local zoning boards trying to block the building of mosques, to city councils and state legislatures using anti-foreign law measures to denigrate local Muslim communities, there has been a campaign to close our communities to American Muslims. The recent organized opposition to the construction of a Muslim cemetery by residents of Farmersville, Texas, highlights the trend of people in towns and cities across the country expressing in public their opposition to treating American Muslims as full and respected citizens of this nation, with equal rights and access to public accommodations.


I’ll be looking for their statement criticizing American Muslims who donate to and have ties to terrorist organizations, or who volunteer to go to fight and kill Americans and Christians overseas. Oh, and those who post vile, hateful pro-jihad statements on social media.

Yes, those are only a small (but not insignificant) percentage of Muslims, but so are the “anti-Muslim” businesses. Personally, I’ve never seen one.

I don’t know. I’ve never seen any businesses like that. But I mean I think there is a certain reason for this right? I mean we can’t just pretend there isn’t. If we had routine Methodist gunmen in the news shooting up a bunch of people in support of some Methodist State somewhere far away I think we would be a little nervous about them too. I think rather than make a feel-good letter that does nothing we should be encouraging our ‘news’ channels to showcase how absolutely upset our local Muslims are whenever one of these shootings takes place. Show them gathering around and donating money or time to the victims. Show them praying for an end to this kind of violence. Show them marching to end this violence. Show them openly angry about all this. Show that. Then maybe we won’t need useless feel-good letters that don’t do anything. Maybe we will feel that our lives matter. Maybe we will get a good sense that it really is an errant minority rather than a secretly approving majority. I don’t know. I guess we just need to see it. Then we’ll feel it. Then it’ll be generally known.



The gun range is the only business I know of that has declared itself a “muslim free” zone.

Should the people of Iraq have done nothing when their land was invaded? You’ve been programmed to think that people who opposed America are terrorists. There’s a sense in which Christianity invaded Iraq. George W Bush invoked his Heavenly Father before invading Iraq.

The biggest terrorists are the ones in the White House.

Whilst I disagree with the invasion of Iraq that sort of talk edges dangerously close to the Crusaders are invading us stuff we heard on occasion. I would agree that the war was unjustified and actions taking during it by the US were extremely morally troubling but the idea that Chrstianity en masse invaded Iraq is stretching it somewhat.

wow, that is harsh!

You can dish it out, but you can’t take it. Let’s not forget the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, by a professing Christian nation.

Opposing America is one thing - murdering innocent children is another’. I’m sure your opinions came from the many years you served your country - oops, I mean your caliphate. Your own programming is quite obvious.

Well, life is sacred. Performing drone strikes is bad enough, but when you label your enemies as terrorists by virtue of opposing you, it’s worse. Should I not speak out?

Stay on the topic of the OP please.

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