Religious life and loneliness

For our clergy members, do you feel a sense of loneliness in your life because of your vocation?


Study in 2011 said priests are among the happiest.

(I wish priests could be married, just because I think it’s healthier. Married men live longer research says. I cringed one day when I heard a priest on the radio say how he stopped for fast food. Whereas if he’d had a wife, he’d be eating his vegetables :D) imho.

I’m a single man, who’d rather like to be a priest and I don’t eat junk food! I wouldn’t either, since it more often than not contains a certain food type that I recently discovered I’m allergic to, so I do tend to eat healthily regardless. I haven’t met any priests who eat junk either, since junk food tends to be more expensive overall than preparing food from ingredients and priests in the UK live on a pittance…

Had a few meals at our parish priest’s residence and he cooked. He would have to be one of the most health conscious people I know and a jolly good cook. He quite often regularly dines out in the homes of parishioners.
A married priesthood might perhaps solve some difficulties and I think perhaps that it might create some.

The divorce rate among married episc ministers is very high.

In idealising marriage, the problems tend to be sidelined? Especially as women have careers etc these days.

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