Religious life and the priesthood


So lately I have been discerning, and I feel like God is calling me to be the single life. I suffer from scrupulosity and OCD, and I just feel like the single life is best for me, not just because I have scrupulosity, but I really do feel like God is calling me to celibacy.

Many of my friends have been recently telling me that I seem like I would be a priest, and that I would make a good priest. Although I have not actually given it a huge concideration I have had a feeling of a call to the priesthood.

At the same time if I would become a priest, I think that I would like to join a religious group, as I have really discerned joining one.

I live in Orange County, California and have though about joining either the Dominicans or the Norbetines. I think that this would be the best for me.

I love studying, scripture, preaching, and theology.

Are their any good books, information about these orders?


Feeling to become a priest because you like a single life remains questionable! Priestly life is basiclally community life and how will it work if you like singularity...? This is a vocation and what you need is only to be called!!! Other preferences take second, third, fourth (etc) chances of advantages in living a priestly life and not conditions to become one!


The following of Christ, thomas a Kempas. the second most popular book to the Bible for years, tilll it was deemed too Catholic in the 60's

find an 70 year old copy, for it fits. with reflections and prayers.

bless you, for Gods will be, not our will.



Orange County, California? Did you go to the Religious Education Congress this year?


The single life doesn't necessarily mean you MUST become a priest. You could consider becoming a permanent brother. I recently met one and when I asked him why he wasn't going on to become a priest he said this is where the Lord is calling him to be.

Where is He calling you to be? When you know, you'll know for sure.


Just be aware that if you join a religious order, they may or may not ordain you. You are there first and foremost as a brother. Even if you are ordained, you may do little of what parish priests do. You may be an ordained priest that ends up mostly being the cook, and perhaps a Mass once in a while.


[quote="mikeeh, post:4, topic:317036"]
Orange County, California? Did you go to the Religious Education Congress this year?


No I did not go. What is it?


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