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After nearly 20 years with the Sisters of St. Joseph, I am convinced that the SSJ charism is so needed in our world today, but also that a renewed SSJ congregation needs to be created.

One (among MANY) things that I love about the SSJ is the belief that there is "no founder other than Jesus & Mary". It troubles me when I read "I'm the founder!" on many start up groups...maybe that is just my SSJness coming through, but focusing on a particular person feels "icky" to me.

The Institute on Religious Life is GREAT!! I got their packet "Guidelines for Forming a New Religious Community", which is incredibly helpful!

Do you believe that anybody would have interest in a religious community with a nearly 365 year old tradition that hopes to live the life as Vatican II actually intended?

Please pray for me, friends! :signofcross:


I was taught by The Sisters of Saint Joseph, that was over 50 years ago. I remember all their names and still pray for them. If God is merciful to me and I get into heaven, I will hug those dear sisters who helped form my conscience and my belief in a loving, forgiving God. And I still ask them to pray for me.I will say a prayer for you Sister.

May our Good Lord bless
Sister Edwin Mary
Sister Angelita
Sister Mariella
Sister Regina Regis
Sister Irma Joseph
Sister Claire Regina




Well, it sounds interesting to me. I think if God is wanting it to happen, it will.

How do you feel about older vocations?


At least one U.S. bishop is not so enthralled with the SSJ.


Thanks georget! I need all of the prayers I can get! :)

I too pray to our Sisters in Heaven...there life, example, and prayers are powerful!


Thanks, bolinstephen!

I'm excited, too! A bit "scared", as well! :extrahappy:


I agree, irishclaire123...if it is God's will it WILL happen! :)

I have a dear Sister friend who entered at 17 and is now almost 70...she is amazing and is the best SSJ I have ever met! I know another dear Sister who is 103 years old. Everything I ever learned about how to be a good Sister was from my older Sisters. Vocations young and old (and everything in between!) are all part of SSJ life. ;)

Are you interested? :thumbsup:


[quote="SMOM, post:5, topic:317731"]
At least one U.S. bishop is not so enthralled with the SSJ.



Quoting the article (from 2010):
“Furthermore an environment of dissent and public opposition to the positions of the U.S. Catholic bishops does not provide an appropriate seedbed for vocations."
“no diocesan office, the diocesan newspaper, or any parish or event would "would promote a vocation awareness program of any religious community that has taken a stance against the United States bishops by being a signatory of the Network document."

I say, "HOORAY!" and "AMEN!"! If more bishops would take such a stance, many Sisters would have been/would be spared much pain and suffering from within their own communities, inflicted by their own leaders and their own Sisters.

This is PRECISELY why we need to have a new, renewed SSJ community!


I have seen two communities which have been "authentic renewal", possibly three.

One renewed the St Barat Sacred Heart charism in Italy. Another, which I just found on Seraphic's Spanish-language blog, renewed the Society of Mary, but the location was not given. And the possible third one is the Sisters in Jesus the Lord, founded by a former Maryknoller.

So, yes, we need these authentic renewals.



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