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I decided to create a thread for people to post information that they have found about religious vocations (consecrated life, the deaconate, the priesthood, third orders, etc.). Please post anything that you think will be helpful in people’s discernment processes.

I will start by telling about 3 great sites:

Women & Men:
At this site, all the religious (male and female) communities listed wear the habit and are held accountable for their orthodoxy (ie. faithfulness to Catholic teaching).

This site is similar, for female communities only, and all wear the habit.

Latin and/or Cloistered
For both cloistered communities (existant) and latin mass communites that may be starting in the future (active and contemplative).

Communities listed at all 3 sites are faithful to the Magisterium.


Women in Discernment:

Men in Discernment:

Sacred Convent Architecture

A great book:
Elizabeth Kuhns, The Habit: A History of the Clothing of Catholic Nuns

     You can listen to an interview of the book's author on EWTN’s “The World Over”. Go to [ this site]("") and find the one from 4/30/2004.

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Thanks for the sites


Una Voce’s International listing of Priestly Societies & Religious Orders using Traditional Missals. Una Voce and the communities listed are in full communion with the Pope.

“The International Una Voce Federation has played an important role in supporting the use of the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal in obedience to the directives of the Holy See. For this valuable service I express my gratitude to the members of the Federation and extend my blessing.”
–Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, speaking to the Una Voce Federation, 25 July 1996


The Holy Family Institute is a Consecrated Secular life in the Pauline family which was founded by Blessed James Alberione in 1960. St Paul, the apostle to the gentiles is our patron saint.The main work is spreading the gospel of Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life through the means of social communications and continuing to live our family lives but with a renewed dedication to our Lord. Fr Tom Fogarty is like a spiritual director for the delegates. He sends us 2 mailings a month. On the 1st he sends a booklet and a cassette with the teachings we are to study. On the 15th he sends another booklet. We are to respond by the 15 th of each month with questions or whatever we feel we need to discuss with him. They ask for a small donation each month (about $20.00) to help support the institute. After a period of 6-9 months of postulancy, if you desire to continue, you become a novice. This can take place at your home parish or at the Institute meeting which takes place in September each year. Rome requires a 2 year novitate before you can make your 1st profession. Your profession is renewed at the end of the year for two years and after that you are permanently professed.
The wonderful thing about the institute is that you continue to grow closer to God through the Pauline prayers and life according to the statutes of the institute.
Living your family life is the main duty of Institute members and your spouse doesn’t have to belong for you to join and grow. The institute understands that not all are called. It is for married and widowed and stresses that your most important work is with your family.
I have found myself growing closer to the Master through the daily prayers we are asked to join other members in saying during the day.
If you check out the web site and what is offered I don’t think you will be
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Thank you so much for sharing this! I am sharing it with a friend who may find it very helpful :slight_smile:

God bless,



Thank you so much for sharing this! I am sharing it with a friend who may find it very helpful :slight_smile:

God bless,

You’re very welcome. I hope that it helps others find what they are looking for. With all of the emphasis on using the media to further conversions and education the Institute is just what is needed.
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Anyone have any links or info for those interested in learning more about third order/secular/oblates?

I’d appreciate any/all information. :slight_smile:

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