Religious Life

What is considered as a religious life? Would the person living one know that it is considered as one or would they see it as a part of their everyday life (not a regular part of their life such as praying to the point where it’ suet repetition but rather regular for them to take part in religious activities)

Not sure of the terms of your definition. Do you mean life as a religious? Or simply a good and holy life such as we all should be living?

“Religious Life” is different from living a religious life, as you might say, or a life involved with your faith. “Religious” (sisters, brothers, etc.) profess vows (poverty, chastity, obedience) and, tend to live in community.
For more information about what this looks like in particular on a daily basis in one particular community (my own - Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen) you’re invited to visit our blog: Our Franciscan Fiat.
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You’re going to need to clarify that question. Religious life generally the the profession of the evangelical counsels and life in community–i.e., the life of monks, nuns, brothers, sisters, friars, and so forth. Of course you’ll know that you’re living it because you’ll have formally professed the counsels as vows.

If you’re just asking about the pious life in general, none of us here can answer as to whether you’re living that correctly. That’s a question for your confessor.

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