"Religious Literacy"

Hello. I am started to read a book entitled religious literacy. The author, Stephen Prothero, lambasts the religious intelligence of the American public. He uses a lot of data to support this claim including the Gallup Poll. Some of the oddities are most Americans can’t name the first book of the Bible. Also, only one third know that Jesus delivered “the Sermon On The Mount.” I could go on but you get the picture - fairly dismal.

Beginning on page 43 he starts unloading on the Catholics. Again nothing to brag about. He quotes a 2001 book Young Adult Catholics" which describe how U.S. youth have “a low level of knowledge of the Catholic tradition and a limited command of Catholic cultural symbols.” The most striking finding is that CCD adds nothing to young persons understanding of their church. Apparently, the consensus from the young people was that the Catechism had no depth and was just a warmed over version of feel good religion.

Well, I have just started this book and that’s all I have to report for now.


Doesn’t need him to tell us this. In the documentary ‘Supersize Me’ they were talking to a bunch of schoolkids, all could identify a picture of Ronald McDonald, some could identify a picture of George Washington, none could identify a picture of Jesus Christ. :frowning:

We don’t know what Jesus looked like. :slight_smile:

but I know what you mean – many parents won’t show their children pictures showing Jesus with the crown of thorns, or on the Cross, etc.

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