Religious order connected with army


IS there any still active religious order conected to military/army , where for example Monk IS in in army ? Thanks for help.



Members of religious orders generally not permitted to join the military. In the US, most chaplains serve with military archdiocese, although some religious orders may assign members to serve as chaplains.


Are you referencing the former military hospitaller orders?

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Actually, a large contingent of military chaplains are from religious orders. I think it’s at least 50%.


The Military (Arch)Diocese doesn’t have priests of it’s own, rather these are loaned from other dioceses or, in some cases, orders. There are separate criteria for becoming a military chaplain but ordination for a diocese or order and usually some time in service is required as a starting point.


My friend in the Army joined to become a chaplain. I met him in retention before going into basic. But on Sunday they had church for the soldiers. Each went to their own faith. heck they had a service for Wiccans!


Isn’t there an Order of St. Maurice and St. George?

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