Religious Order Initials...question

Our office recently received a letter from an individual who signed her name

“Sister xxxxx xxxxx, C.V.”

I’m leaving her name out for privacy. My question is: What do the letters C.V. stand for?

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According to this site:

C.V. – Sorer Vitae (Sisters of Life)

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How come “C” stands for Sorer? Then should be S.V.
Sisters in Latin is “Sorores”. Sorer never heard in Latin. Is it Latin?
Pretty confusing Latin.
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I was wondering about that too. I thought that maybe C stands for “congregatio” or something. I really do not know much about Latin :smiley:

I did not find C-V on Google. Sites make mistakes. But I may be wrong. With nuns, you never know !!!:smiley:

I went to the Sisters of Life website and the initials they use are “S.V.”.

Catholic religious orders

religious orders for women

the only one I see is CVI sisters of the Incarnate Word

but there are also congregations and associations that are not orders of consecrated life so neither of these lists may be complete

there could also be an academic designation to the initials

the initials may not make “sense” because the popular name is not the same as the order’s name–Benedictine Sisters vs. Order of Saint Benedict (OSB)

the Franciscans especially have at least 8 designations I can think of.

or the official name of the order and hence its acronym is in a language other than English SC Sacre Coeur for Sacred Heart, for instance.

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That makes sense:
Sorores - Sisters
Vitae - of Life

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Maybe the site I linked made a typo or something :smiley:
But when I first saw CV I thought “Consecrated Virgin.” I may be wrong.

I wondered about that possibility as well. However, it seems that Consecrated Virgins do not wear a habit, do not call themselves “Sister.” and do not put initials after their name.

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