Religious Order


When one is looking into religious orders, does he/she have to stay in the province that they are a residence of? Or can they apply to a different province?

Also, can someone please tell me specific male religious orders that accept men DIRECTLY out of high school? NOT AFTER COMPLETING A LITTLE BIT OF COLLEGE.


It depends on the order. I think for monastic orders like the Benedictines and the Trappists they’ll accept you out of high school. The order I’m discerning the Jesuits will take you after high school (though you will end up going to college anyways.) According to a Dominican brother I met at a conference he said the Dominicans need men as college graduates.
Diocesan will take you after at least two years of junior college.

Try the MIC (Marians of The Immaculate Conception)

Most religious in the process of becoming a brother or priest will require academic work that leads to a degree.


One religious congregation that will literally take you out of high school are the Eudists.
Heres a link.


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