Religious Orders and the Rosary


Sisters at our provincial house gather daily for the rosary before vespers (it may be optional).
I pray the rosary daily.
Sr. Christina Marie, OSF


Go with the Dominicans. The Rosary first appeared when Mary appeared and have St. Dominic it. Although there are no early writings to support it, it’s still commonly understood that the Rosary began with the Dominican Order. It’s apart of their life. I suggest reading Louis de Montfort’s Secret of the Rosary. He wrote that if an early Dominican was not as virtuous as the others, they’d believe he wasn’t saying his Rosary, or saying it well enough.


The rosary is required by the Constitutions of the Order of Preachers to be prayed daily. I don’t know why they would not mention it but it is prayed daily in the Novitiate and throughout the Dominican life. Check out the Western Dominican Province.

St. Louis de Montfort got mentioned. Little known fact. He was a “third order Dominican”, something like today’s Priestly Fraternity of St. Dominic.


I would base my decision on the approach of the order. Caring orders, and contemplative orders such as the Benedictines. If I were ever in the position to join an order it would be the Benedictines, as I like their approach. They also value the rosary and the divine office.

This should be of some help:


Franciscan friars of the renewal pray the rosary in common along with with a lot prayer in general. I think they have a house in Corpus Christi. I know when they first came here to Ireland they did a walking rosary 4AM in the morning in Limerick City that had strong reputation as being “stab city” it was so bad. Now things have quieten down and they have brought much peace there as well as bringing many to Christ there.


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