Religious Orders for Educators?


Hello, you may have already seen my other posts, but I’m an 18 year old male discerning the priesthood. I have plenty time but I always think about if the priesthood is my calling, what type of priest am I called to be.

Currently, I’m an education major and was wondering if there are an order of priest who specify in teaching?

Side note; I really do like the Mercedarians and I know they do education and hospital work, but was wondering.


Benedictine monks in Subiaco, Arkansas run a high school for boys. Many other male Benedictine communities sponsor colleges/universities/seminaries. Also Marists in San Antonio run a college/university. You might consider the Christian Brothers.


Christian Brothers do not admit priests (or ordain their members) so, if you are called to priesthood, they would be out. Education occurs both formally and informally. The Salesians (Order of Don Bosco) works extensively with young people, both as teachers and in other capacities. The Jesuits, of course, are well known for their schools, both secondary and colleges. The Holy Cross Fathers run Notre Dame, Kings College and others. You should just spend some time thinking of the kind of education that most interests you, and I’m sure you’ll find more than one community engaged in it.




Salesians, Jesuits, and Piarists come to my mind.


If you are in the United States, I would suggest investigating the Norbertine abbey, Saint Michael, in California; the canons regular are involved in education. There is also the Cisterician Abbey of Our Lady of Dallas, which is in Texas but was founded from Hungary; the monks teach in their own preparatory school and at a Catholic university.

I do not know the Mercedarians in the United States but they are indeed an extraordinary Order.

May the Lord direct your steps.



Go to the kindle app and download “Forty Dreams of St John Bosco” (He is The founder of the salesians, And the patron Saint of teachers)

Also download the his life story, “The life of St John Bosco”

Have you read the book on Kindle “To Save a thousand Souls” (it’s the best book for discerning priesthood ever written) you would absolutely love the above three books,
Some.of the best books I have read in my life :slight_smile:


Salesians job is teachers of the youth. And also youth ministry.
They are awesome


Society of Jesus! You may consider about it. Try to be a good follower of Jesus first and foremost:)




Most of the religious orders that have priests are involved in education either as the bulk of their ministry or as one part. The only caution is to inquire into how orthodox are the education ministries where they are presently working. Check out the website of the Cardinal Newman Society. It not only describes many colleges and some high schools where religious orders are, they also give some measurable criteria to look for. Just finding out how common the Sacrament of Confession is will tell you more than thick manuals by the PR department.

I don’t much care if the religious orders boast of many centuries of saints and Catholic heritage (i. e. the past). Many religious priests now are stuck in situations that are very far removed from the Catholic heritage, though institutions still brag about it in recruitment of students, and seminarians. On the other hand, many religious orders founded in the last 40 years are totally immersed in Catholic faith in education **in the present. **

My suggestion is to find high schools, colleges, catechetical centers or Newman Centers that are solidly faithful to Catholic doctrine and practice B]in the present. Then find out which religious orders are working there. There may be a state university that is hostile to Christianity, but a religious order sponsors an excellent campus ministry parish. Or there could be another kind of ministry through communications media, adult education, or other in which you can use your education training.

God bless!


The Benedictine monks in Cleveland, Ohio administer the all male Benedictine High School. The Jesuits also run an all boys high school in Cleveland - Saint Ignatius.


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