Religious Orders for Foreign Missions to Unreached Peoples


Hi Everyone,

I am called to be a priest. I also feel very called to foreign missions, specifically to unreached peoples in Asia. I have had a tough time trying to sort through the religious orders, and I was wondering if anyone here knew of any orders I could check out or a list of orders that might be more organized. So far I have looked at and just tried to google. I’d appreciate hearing about any orders you might know about or places to find out about them. I do have a spiritual director who is a priest, and he has also had a tough time pointing me in the right direction. Specifically, I’m interested in orders who might go to or minister to people in:
North Korea

or an order that has the mission to reach those in a culture that not yet been reached by the Gospel. I have tried to go through some of the links in the ‘sticky’ thread, but again I’ve found it to be challenging, and the number of orders a bit overwhelming.
Thanks for your help!

PS I did try to see if there was a thread on this already, if I missed it please feel free to point me to that.


What about PIME? Have you checked them out? I think they are in every place you mentioned but I’m not positive.


My friend,
If you wish to be a missionary priest, may I commend to you the United States of America.

The only positive thing I can say about the United States is that we have well defined arch/diocese system with many elector cardinals and a national conference that is united to Rome and not plagued with dissention and mixed messages.

Originally evangelize by the Spanish and the Irish, this country has fallen back into primitive beliefs called New Age religion. Pseudo Christian heresies such as Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses steal from the flock.

The flock is shepherded by a smaller, older priesthood, many of whom are compelled by the needs of the Church to serve well after the age of 72 yrs.

The faithful and the sacrament of Marriage are under attack for not engaging in the heathen practices of euthanasia, abortion, infanticide and ABC. You will face financial ruin, imprisonment as well as attacks by individuals enraged by your teaching on the moral issues.

The Church in Vietnam, South America and Burundi send wonderful missionaries who have been a real Godsend. Except for Germany, I can not imagine another country more in need of Evangelization than the United States. I hope you will consider being a missionary here.


Thanks! I will check them out.


My desire is to go where God calls me. If His will was for me to be in the USA, that would certainly be wonderful! As you said there is much ministry to be done here, as there is everywhere in the world, but being a missionary to the USA has not been my call.


Try the Columban Fathers


I’d be praying to St. Therese on this one.

PIME did come to mind, too.



Thank you, I will check them out.


Thank you for praying for me. I have been in contact with them.

Also, if anyone checks out this forum later. I also found Maryknoll Missioners.


Maryknoll was my second idea for you. I have several missionary sisters and two missionary priests on my mom’s side of the family. They are currently in South Pacific and stateside. The priests were formerly in Central America. My plan growing up was to join the Maryknoll sisters, but God had marriage and motherhood in store for me. If you are willing, please post later on what you decide and why. It could be very helpful for others discerning their vocation. God bless you for your willingness to serve God wherever He calls for you


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