Religious Orders that do Youth Ministry

Anybody know of any religious orders that do youth ministry work? I feel a very strong call to do youth ministry, but I’ve also had a lot of people tell me I’d be a good priest, so I’m considering religious priesthood. Also I love traveling and I love that religious orders often travel.

Look at the Salesians of Don Bosco. They do a lot of youth ministry–in fact, that was St. John Bosco’s motivation for starting his order.

I’ll endorse the Salesian suggestion, but also recommend considering the Jesuits as well. They have a long tradition of instructing youth in religious matters:

I’m pretty sure all of them do. :blush:
Youth ministry is a big part of every parish.

Or it ought to be.

I don’t know about the Passionists in General but our Passionist Pastor and his community are very active in youth ministry. (Even though, I think the Passionists are a Congregation and not an Order)

I know other people already mentioned them but definitely the Salesians! Don Bosco is the patron saint of young people. They also emphasis music a lot and using it to reach the youth. I went to school with some great Salesian Brothers. Also look up Bosco Beats, they are doing some amazing things.

The Community of St. John does YM I believe! Check them out:


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