Religious Persecution


From the time of Jesus over two thousand years ago, Christians have carried the cross of religious persecution. Is it fair to say, the Catholic Church is being persecuted at an unprecedented scale at the present time? Now, in the years 2006 Catholics, and Christians of all denominations, are being crucified for their faith.
I am the father of two teenagers, both of whom have been educated in catholic elementary school, high school, and now my 19 year old son is in his second year at a catholic university. I am appalled at some of the things that are tolerated today in catholic institutions. Many of the educators have a far left liberal mind set. And when they have the opportunity to do so, push their personal and political agendas at the students.
Our children are being indoctrinated even in our catholic institutions.
I love my children, and my Catholic Faith, and I’ll be dammed if I am going to tolerate this nonsense anymore. I pray that the Lord will give me the grace to expose these people when they abuse their positions.
Subjects like abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage, contraception, pre-marital sex,
And the list goes on, are being presented to our kids more then many people may want to believe. Many times these topics are brought up in a very nonchalant, or round about way. And then the teachers tend to introduce their liberal slant to the kids.
This type of religious persecution strikes at the core of our Catholic Faith, family life.
By trying to brainwash our children, they are attempting to destroy family life once again.
Anyone with young children in Catholic, or Christian schools, beware. Children need to be armed with the truth, so when someone tries to push this garbage on them they will recognize it and fight back.

God’s Peace,


After repeatedly complaining to my son’s catholic elementary school about the liberal slant in the text books, assignments, and selected readings for his summer reading list, I finally had to pull him out of the Catholic school and send hime to a fundamental Christian school.

Easier to explain why the literal translation of the Bible doesn’t always make sense, then to have to explain every single aspect of social policy.


Yes, and I am sure it’s all being done just to antagonize you. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe, just maybe, there are some Catholics out there who feel that stuff like this is ok. And so what? If your kids are so strongly faithful, what does it matter any way.
(I was so sure it was and aspirin I took) whimper


I agree and the first line of defense is to pull your children out of such schools and refuse your financial support.


I would agree that one should not support liberal schools. However, choosing thge lesser of two “evils” is not the answer. Would you stop going to a wishy washy liturgy celebrated by Fr. Bozo and find a great fundamentalist worship service where the truth is proclaimed?

I am not an advocate of homeschools but a poor Catholic education in my opinion trumps a fundamentalist one. If you had to leave I would think public school or homeschool might have been better.


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